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A good blog should increase traffic to your website and build a dedicated fan base of people who want to know more about your views, your Business, and plans. Some people have a special touch when it comes to blogging. Even if you feel completely lacking in talent, you can use these five tips to write epic blog posts.

Tip # 1: do your research

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You can’t write a good article until you know what to write about. Do good research so that you can write intelligently about your topic. The Internet make it easy for anyone to verify your facts. If you make a mistake, a member of the “gotcha club” will point out your mistake.

Tip # 2: write for free before you write

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Your blog posts need unique perspectives. If you can’t write with your own voice and personality, then why would anyone bother to read your words?

Spend time writing freely before you even think about publishing your article. This gives you time to sort through your ideas so that you can develop a new approach to your research. If you have a great sense of humor, make sure this goes. If you are a very logical person, use this to your advantage.

Knowing the difference between strengths and weaknesses is what separates professional bloggers from hackers.

Tip # 3: make an outline

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Free writing will leave you with a mess of scribbled notes and half-finished paragraphs. This is exactly what you want at this point. However, you have to turn these ideas into something that others can understand.

Use your notes to find the most important ideas. Use them as basis of your plan. The plan will allow you to stay focused while you are writing your article.

Tip # 4: Review what you just wrote

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Did you think you were done? Not even close. Any good writer knows that editing is the key to convincing sentences.

Look for things that you can take away from your article. At this point, it’s not about adding things. It’s about removing them. You want to sweep the trash so that your real points stand out.

For most people, this is the hardest part. Do not be discouraged. You will improve with practice.

Additional tip: use bullet points and short paragraphs. No one wants to read dense words on a computer screen. If a paragraph is more than 100 words, it is too long.

Tip # 5: Add Pictures and Videos

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Big words can’t do much for a blog post. Let’s face it, you are not the greatest prose stylist in the world. Even if you were, 99.9% of people wouldn’t care. (Don’t look for that statistic.)

This means that you need something that will add some spice to your page. In other words, you need pretty pictures and attractive videos that have not been protected by copyright. Internet users love it. Additionally, people are much more likely to share content with images and videos.

As for the basics, you’re trying to improve your articles to reach a larger audience, right? Use all the tricks you can.

Have you found any other tips that make blog posts totally epic?

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