A new era in sample processing and characterization


Unprecedented sample throughput and scalability

LevitasBio first revolutionized sample preparation in 2020 with the launch of the LeviCell system, which presented researchers with a gentle, fast, and unbiased method to separate and enrich cells of interest using magnetic levitation. Less than two years later, LevitasBio has fulfilled researchers’ oft-stated desire for scalability, both in the amount of samples and cells that can be levitated and accessed. The new LeviCell EOS system quadruples sample throughput and allows up to four LeviCell EOS modules to be interconnected and controlled independently, increasing total scalability by 16 times. Researchers can now accelerate their discoveries with unprecedented sample processing power and insight.

A new era in sample processing

The LeviCell EOS System introduces several new features that enhance unbiased sample processing to optimize the study of natural biology. The first is an integrated thermal control system, which allows users to choose from a range of predefined temperatures, ensuring that samples are processed at ideal temperatures to maintain cell states.

Additionally, an advanced fully cross-linked imaging system enables powerful analysis of sample characterization in real time during processing. Important information such as fractionation, cell count, viability assessment, and quality metrics can be reviewed in real time, allowing researchers to make informed decisions about how best to use their samples enriched in downstream studies.

Finally, the LeviCell EOS system offers unprecedented flexibility with a modular and interchangeable EOS magnetic core. A growing family of selectable core modules will enable a wide range of specifically optimized applications on a single platform.

“We are changing the landscape of how researchers conduct their experiments,” says Martin Pieprzyk, CEO of LevitasBio. “The new LeviCell EOS system paves the way for fully integrated approaches to sample processing and accurate characterization at scaled throughputs. This marks a profound change in the way scientists work with their samples.”

For more information, visit www.levitasbio.com/eos. For collaborations and business development, contact Paul Steinberg to [email protected].

About LevitasBio

LevitasBio has pioneered a new and powerful method for cell enrichment and analysis. Using proprietary levitation technology, our LeviCell platform can detect, quantify, enrich and test cells precisely and gently. Our unbiased, label-free method can detect cell type and condition with minimal time and manipulation, and has been adopted in a wide range of critical applications including single-cell multi-omics, CRISPR, and development. of cell lines.

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