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Denise Turney, author of Mystery, Romance, and Suspense Novels has her books spotlighted by Chistell Publishing

Denise Turney has been writing for over 40 years. She possesses the ability to write in different genres including mystery, romance and suspense. Some of her famous books include Love Pour Over Me, Portia, Spiral, Escaping Toward Freedom, Long Walk-Up, Rosetta the Talent Show Queen, and Awaken Blessings of Inner Love. The author’s books are featured at Chistell Publishing to enlighten and entertain readers with engaging stories. Due to her deep writing skills, Denise Turney has appeared in several media including popular magazines, radio stations, local and national newspapers such as Parade, WNOP, Obsidian and Madame Noire. As someone dedicated to elevating the status of women, Denise has become one of the most renowned and celebrated African-American authors.

In addition to being an outstanding author, Denise Turney is a founding member of Pennsylvania’s first African-American owned and run drug and alcohol prevention program, “No Longer Bound.” The program provides housing assistance, daycare, job training, and other resources to the community of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In addition to supporting the community as a whole, Denise Turney has spoken repeatedly about the importance of Women’s History Month and how serving as an ally to women strengthens families and communities. Currently, Denise Turney is sharing information and updates on her upcoming books and writing on her digital blog. The blog is updated weekly for fans of fiction and non-fiction books.

“You are our guests. Thank you for supporting Love Pour Over Me, Long Walk-Up, Rosetta the Talent Show Queen, Love Has Many Faces, Portia, Running Toward Freedom, Book Marketing That Revs Up Book Sales and Spiral. We encourage you to stay in touch with us. We will do our best to make it the start of a long and beautiful publisher/book lover relationship! Sign up to receive a free monthly newsletter, from Denise Turney, about jobs, book tours, competitions, book festivals, book clubs, news, tips from established writers, poems, stories, interviews with best-selling authors, expert PR advice, and new information from Denise Turney’s site,” Chistell Publishing shares on their website about Denise Turney.

Being a versatile writer, engaging speaker, and celebrity columnist made Denise Turney a famous public figure. She was always someone to watch over people; therefore, in addition to his aforementioned works, the author now offers a free subscription to the Book Lover’s Haven literary newsletter. Denise Turney fans can receive free information on writing assignments, writers’ talks, book marketing tips from PR experts, writing contests, literary festivals and more in you simply signing up for the Book Lover’s Haven newsletter.

Along with being considered the best newsletter, The Book Lover’s Haven offers several opportunities for new and young writers trying to make their mark in the writing world. In addition to meeting book lovers, Denise Turney relishes the opportunity to meet writers and help them improve their writing skills and step up their game.

For details of Denise Turney’s free monthly book newsletter and to learn more about Denise Turney and her books, please visit the website at

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