Bengaluru Techie Hacks Indigo Website for this reason?

Nandan Kumar is from Bangalore. He works as a software developer. Indigo Airlines, India’s largest passenger airline, recently announced the closure of its website. He explained why this is the case. It’s a strange thing to hear. On the day of the tragedy, he had come from Patna. He carried his suitcase on this excursion. On the same flight, another passenger arrived. Their suitcases were identical in every way. After the holidays, he went home with his things. After that, Nandan Kumar realizes that he didn’t find his bag.

The customer service center has received a complaint from indigo Airlines. They also state that they will provide a solution as soon as possible. Nandan, on the other hand, tried to solve his problem on his own without success. As a result, he hacked Indigo Airlines’ website. He obtained the passenger’s phone number and approached him, assuming he could retrieve the luggage. Achaki gathered information about the traveler from him, including the Passenger Name Registration (PNR) number found in the bag. After that, they both get their bags back. He talked about it in a blog post.

Even though Nandan had hacked into the indigo website to get the bag, the event raised questions about the adequacy of cybersecurity. indigo, on the other hand, said that its website would never be hacked. indigo also said in a statement that any traveler who has their PNR number, name, contact number and email address can obtain their check-in information.

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