Best-selling author Tracy L. Williams launches new website and branding based on faith


Tracy L. Williams

Tracy L. Williams

Tracy L. Williams

Inspires people of faith and those who are open to better understand God and their divine destiny

ONTARIO, California, United States, Oct. 25, 2021 / – Minister, best-selling author and keynote speaker Tracy L. Williams unveils her brand redesign and the launch of her new website, which hosts life-changing teachings, books, blogs, podcasts, and essential content in the areas of faith, obedience, and the power of the Holy Spirit, available at

The new branding and logo of Tracy L. Williams are tinted with rose gold colors that evoke feelings of love and a sense of serenity, understanding and positivity. True to his beliefs, the crown represents our identity in Christ and the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Its slogan “It’s not a tiara, it’s a CROWN,” encourages women to embrace their first God-given identity, and not just be content with how the world defines us and what we are in. born.

The new website features a new VIP membership area, which serves as a platform to showcase and announce upcoming conference calls, group chats, video rooms, live streams on YouTube, and more. Ms. Tracy is the author of several life-changing publications, featured in the Resources section of the website:

• Life of Prayer for Kings in the Kingdom of God (Hardcover)
• Life of Prayer for Kings in the Kingdom of God (Softcover)
• Prayer life journal
• 14 reasons to pray in the Holy Spirit (New Kindle Edition)
• Bring them to me
• You are NOT jealous – Satisfy and celebrate others

Ms. Tracy is a wife, mother, grandmother, First Lady of Ontario Christian Center, minister of reconciliation, best-selling author, Bible teacher, prayer warrior, and most importantly: devoted to the heart and desires of God.

“I am proud of the announcement of our brand redesign and new website,” said Minister Tracy L. Williams. “It has been a difficult time for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, and my hope is to offer empowering resources designed to renew your mind, refresh your spirit, and change your atmosphere. I ask you to be challenged to discover a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for your life.

Join Tracy L. Williams at the Ontario Christian Center in California for the 2021 Daughters of Increase conference, Wednesday October 27 through Friday October 29, 2021 at 7:00 PM. Details here.

About Tracy L. Williams

Tracy L. Williams is a bold Bible teacher with a prophetic voice, minister (keynote speaker), and author of life-changing books that reveal your true identity and God-given purpose.

Ms. Tracy is an accomplished speaker, innovative executive, creator of several empowerment tools including podcasts and The Prophetic Post blog. She is the author of bestselling books that provide a better understanding of God’s eternal purpose and heart. She inspires multitudes around the world to be reconciled with God, to fall in love with Jesus, to continue in the faith and to obey the ministry of the Holy Spirit, where true victory is experienced.

Tracy L. Williams is available for training, education and speaking engagements. For reservation requests or for more information, please visit Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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