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The Valley Hub (LR) Team: Alison Buckley of Arcadia Creative Management, Stephanie Kay of On the Farm Creative, Brody Simon, Indigenous Project Officer, Penny Coulter, The Valley Hub Project Manager and Deanna Lines, integration.

THE Valley Hub, a new website dedicated to the Nambucca Valley, is set to launch in June.

The website will feature business and service directories, a shared events calendar, community asset registry and will also share stories about local people, e-news, podcasts and a blog.

Penny Coulter, Valley Hub Project Manager, said, “We are delighted to facilitate the development of this exceptional resource for the Nambucca Valley community.

“Early conversations with those affected by recent natural disasters and local businesses and services recovering from the pandemic have already demonstrated the value such a platform will bring to the valley, including increased local spending, local jobs and skills development, environmental innovation and opportunities for meaningful community connection.

The website is a community-based initiative that began in 2019, when the Nambucca Valley was one of five areas identified by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) as a potential candidate for the Forestry Investment Program. future of rural communities (IRCF).

Each of the five communities had the opportunity to apply for a seed grant of $60,000.

To apply for the grant, the Nambucca Valley Maarla Marlaangga – Hand in Hand Steering and Advisory Committee was formed, with representatives from local non-profit organizations applying through an expression of interest process.

Local organization Lifetime Connect has been selected to manage the IRCF Start Up grant.

The Steering and Advisory Committee aims to bring together Nambucca Valley organizations across generations, interests, cultures and localities in an inclusive, respectful, socially responsible and cohesive manner.

Through discussions with people and organizations across the valley, the need for a community map was identified.

The advisory committee applied for the seed grant to develop the community map and was successful.

The Community Map concept evolved into a website and The Valley Hub was born.

To top it off, the Nambucca Valley was selected for the five-year IRCF program.

A scoping document was created and local project manager Ali Buckley was hired to lead the development of the website, working closely with local graphic designer Stephanie Kay, of On The Farm, who developed the brand.

Members of the Bowraville Innovative Social Enterprise Precinct (BISEP) were an integral part of the IRCF grant application process and sat on the Maarla Marlaangga – Hand in Hand Steering and Advisory Committee.

While developing the concept of the community map as a website, BISEP recognized the need to expand the project and applied for the Bushfire Local Economic Relief Fund from the NSW Government and was subsequently approved.

BISEP is a non-hierarchical non-profit organization based in Bowraville responsible for promoting the well-being of the community through targeted employment and community partnerships.

By creating links with industry and expertise, BISEP has partnered with the Aboriginal NPO, Miimi Aboriginal Corporation, to support the development of social enterprise, and strives to help NPOs develop and to implement governance, create opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration, and promote initiatives that regenerate economic and socio-cultural health.

BISEP has worked alongside community stakeholders and the Maarla Marlaangga Hand in Hand Committee to continue to support and expand the vision.

This includes expanding the initial design concept, accessibility features, and future-proofing capability.

Additionally, with funding secured, BISEP facilitated the development of a concurrent mentorship program aimed at involving ten local young people in aspects of the project, including content production, web maintenance, production of podcasts and media, business and community development.

The Valley Hub is currently in its final stages of development with plans in place for a public launch by the end of June 2022.

Over the next few weeks, the project team will begin reaching out to local services and businesses to register for the Valley Hub.

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