County Resolution on Article V of the Term Limitation Convention (EXAMPLE)


The term limits on the Congress movement are stronger than ever! The political party executive committees are on board and are working to get our resolution through through their local county affiliates. Ask your group to support a Winning number. Pass this term limit resolution at your next chapter meeting. Email photos and event details to [email protected] so we can promote the opportunity to our term limit supporters.

County Resolution on Article V of the Term Limitation Convention (EXAMPLE)

WHILE, the limits of legislative mandates improve citizens’ access to office, widen the range of experiences in a political body, improve the incentives faced by lawmakers and make competitive elections compulsory at regular intervals;

WHILE, a recent national poll (Scott Rasmussen 2021) indicates that 82% of voters from all parties continue to support term limits, including 87% of Republicans and 83% of Democrats;

WHILE, YOUR STATE voters imposed term limits on their congressional delegation in ____ with ___% of the vote, and a more recent poll (_____) shows that ____% of YOUR STATE residents continue to support the term limits of public officials;

WHILE, the Supreme Court of the United States (Time Limits in the United States vs. Thornton, 1995) stated that term limits could only be imposed by constitutional amendment;

WHILE, the US Congress has categorically refused to send states an amendment on the limits of the mandate of Congress despite broad popular support;

WHILE, Article V of the United States Constitution provides another means of proposing constitutional amendments via a state convention that does not require a vote in Congress;

WHILE, after receiving official appeals from two-thirds of the states, Congress must convene a convention with the aim of proposing amendments;

THE _________NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION________ HEREBY DECIDES that the YOUR STATE the legislature makes a formal appeal to Article V to convene an amendment convention for the specific purpose of limiting the terms of the US Congress.

Your support for this resolution is essential to the success of the term limits movement. Don’t forget to email the photos from your party’s county executive committee to [email protected]

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