will launch a personal finance website in Canada

0 (Creditpicks) is pleased to announce that it is preparing to launch a personal finance site for Canadians. Topics covered include credit cards, loan company financing, home financing, credit repair, taxes, insurance, veteran personal finance, crypto, and more. One of the main topics covered on the website is credit cards, which have become a ubiquitous part of daily life in Canada. Unfortunately, the credit card is one of the biggest contributors to household debt. Thousands of people pay millions in late fees each year due to the high interest rates charged on credit cards. Thus, credit card users should cultivate healthy credit management habits and educate themselves on what the best credit cards in Canada can offer.

A Creditpicks spokesperson said: “Our website also features a Canadian blog on managing your money. This is truly a personal finance blog for Canadians by Canadians. Thus, Canadians can find very relevant information on how to improve their finances.

The Creditpicks blog focuses on various financial topics. These include: things to expect on a post-COVID journey in the world of the “new normal”; plan a successful vacation budget to avoid overspending while on vacation; a series on managing your money in your 20s, 30s and 40s; digital banking in Canada; fund an education in Canada; financial advice for people moving to Canada; responsible investment; and more.

Another important topic discussed is real estate financing in Canada. Mortgages are a complex subject and home buyers are likely to fall into traps if they do not have the necessary knowledge. Choosing the best possible mortgage lender can be a stressful process, but it is necessary for long-term financial success. Most homebuyers will use the services of a Canadian bank or private lender to pay a large percentage of the total cost of the property.

Creditpicks is a women’s and minority-owned personal finance site and blog, created for Canadians and by Canadians. Creditpicks has also partnered with TransUnion® to provide its users with free credit report access. From April 3-7, visit to enter and win a $500 Visa® gift card for yourself and an additional $500 for a friend. Monthly cash gifts start in June.

Those who want to find credit cards in Canada or other important personal finance information can visit the Creditpicks website or contact them at [email protected].


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