Delta variant shows growing need for safer transport of COVID-19 universal test samples


RENO, Nevada and SWEDESBORO, NJ, September 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Thomas Scientific has partnered with Truckee Applied Genomics (TAG) to distribute its unique patient specimen transport reagents. The new products are designed to address a full spectrum of molecular and protein testing challenges highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the growth of Delta variant wildfires.

Thomas Scientific has been appointed Exclusive Distributor for the United States and Porto Rico of the TAG regents. The agreement provides an expanded distribution channel to research, diagnostic and manufacturing customers, including molecular pathology customers, diagnostic kit development and variant tracking research labs.

With the increase in the spread of COVID-19 from the Delta variant, the demand for rapid antigenic protein testing has increased and the need for broader monitoring of NGS-based variants has become evident. As the diversity of tests has increased, it has become imperative that resources be designed to meet changing needs, while maintaining the safety of laboratory workers.

A key factor for testing flexibility is to allow patient samples to be sent to any available laboratory without costly and error-prone cold chain shipping. Another key factor is the safe design from collection to processing in the laboratory, inactivating the virus before transport. With the growth of non-inactivating antigenic test kits, there is a clear need to develop new kits with reagents that inactivate the virus to allow safe handling.

Without virus inactivation, laboratory workers who process antigen testing face safety risks from viral exposure. While toxic guanidine-based virus-killing and inactivating transport media can preserve nucleic acids and be shipped without a cold chain, they do not work for antigen testing as they can denature proteins and interfere with testing mechanisms. rapid antigenic. And, for all types of testing, guanidine-based ITMs present safety and handling concerns as they produce toxic cyanide gas when used with the bleach wash steps found in the processes. and molecular testing platforms, including Hologic. Panther System as warned by the FDA here.

TAG-NPGM + ™ and TAG-NGPM ™ Patient Specimen Collection Reagents do not contain guanidine, providing better choices. TAG-NPGM + quickly inactivates the virus (as indicated Rutgers University) while preserving both antigenic proteins and viral nucleic acids. This means that a patient sample collected in TAG-NGPM + for antigen testing, could also be sent for positive verification by a reference rt-PCR test, and banked for NextGen sequencing (NGS) allowing for wider monitoring of population variants. Research Use Only (RUO) TAG-NGPM + is a truly universal (safe) viral inactivation collection medium that works end-to-end for antigen, rt-PCR and NGS testing, and enables laboratory personnel safely dispose of samples with standard laboratory bleach. Laboratory use and uptake of research is expected to follow FDA COVID-19 VTM Guidelines.

Tian yu, PhD MBA, VP Product Development at Truckee Applied Genomics commented, “TAG is delighted that Thomas Scientific distributes its products due to its deep technical understanding of the challenges of molecular diagnosis. With Thomas Scientific, TAG addresses the need to improve pandemic preparedness, safety and test accuracy, while enabling better and broader variant tracking. And beyond TAG-NGPM +, we are pleased to partner with Thomas Scientific, to find high potential new applications for the company’s TAG-1 ™ noncrosslinking tissue stabilization reagent for oncology researchers, biotechnology companies and innovative research laboratories to improve fluid biopsy, spatial genomics / transcriptomics, and biomarker development. “

Chad Jenkins, added Vice President Thomas Scientific Peak Bio Solutions, “TAG’s sample transport products deliver innovative new chemistry that our molecular diagnostic customers desperately need. We see great potential for TAG products to improve the safety and test performance of our customers’ laboratories.

About Truckee Applied Genomics
Truckee Applied Genomics, LLC (TAG) develops patented reagents for safer and more efficient molecular tests of tissues, cfDNA and pathogens. TAG-1 ™ is a general non-toxic Class 1 reagent classified by the FDA in accordance with 21 CFR § 864.4010, which is used as a direct non-crosslinking formalin substitute for clinical and research pathology. TAG-NGPM + ™ is a patient sample transport medium designed to preserve RNA fragments and viral proteins, requires no cold chain and prevents bacterial proliferation, while inactivating the virus without toxic guanidine. More information: | +1.775.237.879 | [email protected].

About Thomas Scientifique
Founded in 1900, Thomas Scientific provides the latest in supplies, equipment and supply chain solutions to the scientific community, supporting all research in the laboratory, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical diagnostics, clean rooms and other markets. related endpoints. In keeping with the tradition of our original founders, we offer one-on-one customer service and a comprehensive product portfolio at competitive prices, combined with tailored supply chain service solutions. Whether you are working in the lab or performing your field tests, Thomas Scientific has the products you need. Please Click here to visit the Thomas Scientific website.

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