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Presentation of the DRPSEC brand image and website

DRPSEC, an IT and cybersecurity company in Fullerton, Calif., Is getting a newer, fresher look from a proven digital marketing company.

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 23, 2021 / – Information technology was in dire need of a brand overhaul. Specifically, DRPSEC recognized that its website needed a lot of tune-up. The company was able to understand its shortcomings and eventually contacted Sprinkles Media, a digital media agency based in Riverside, California. After a digital marketing consultation, as well as an overall brand growth strategy, the DRPSEC brand now has a new lease of life.

Sprinkle media, build websites and transform content

With the redesign of the custom website, courtesy of the branding experts at Sprinkles Media, DRPSEC content is now more relevant than ever. And no complicated coding was involved; the design team designed the new DRPSEC site using Webflow. This software allows the creation of quality websites easily. And Webflow is exactly what the DRPSEC brand needed for effective online growth.

Blake Melcher and John Willenbring, the founders of DRPSEC, are very experienced IT experts who have a lot to say about the digital media agency.

Willenbring says: “Sprinkles Media just knows what they’re doing, inside and out. We were extremely impressed with the team’s digital marketing strategies throughout their collaboration. We couldn’t have redesigned our content without their help.

Likewise, Blake Melcher says, “Sprinkles [Media] always impresses me. Sprinkles Media is one of the few companies at the top of my list of companies that continually impress me time and time again. Their ingenious digital marketing strategies have given DRPSEC a head start in the industry.

But how did this Riverside digital media agency turn the outdated DRPSEC website into something that gives the IT and cybersecurity business that much-needed edge? Earning the praise of computer experts is no small feat.

Simply put, Sprinkles Media has helped the IT and cybersecurity company emerge from the obscurity of marketing by engaging in comprehensive branding and SEO campaigns.

The Redesign Process, Blackbird, and How to Protect Your Business

DRPSEC’s goal as a cybersecurity company is to help businesses of all sizes protect their computer servers. Hacking is a big problem for any business, regardless of its size. With this in mind, DRPSEC needed a way to communicate its values ​​without sacrificing its results.

Once Sprinkles Media and DRPSEC came up with a comprehensive plan covering all of the brand’s basics, the web design team got to work. People respond positively to an aesthetic website, and the Sprinkles Media team has kept this in mind every step of the way in the branding process.

And every step of the way, the Sprinkles Media team stayed in constant contact with Melcher and Willenbring of DRPSEC, ensuring that the IT company had the final say when it came to making important design decisions.

A huge draw for the cybersecurity company is their signature program, Blackbird. It acts as a “honeypot” for malicious hackers, providing them with spoofed decoy data to prevent them from attacking your sensitive servers.

This program, one of DRPSEC’s main calling cards, had an unwelcoming web page in the past. And for DRPSEC, it was a disaster when it came to establishing an authoritative presence in the online IT and cybersecurity space.

With the complete overhaul, businesses that need this unique service can put the jargon aside and fully understand the ins and outs of how DRPSEC helps its customers.

Small business owner John Miller said this about DRPSEC and Blackbird’s positive effect on its IT department:

“During our fourth month with DRPSEC, our Blackbird exploded in the middle of the night, alarming us of a possible cyberattack. Fortunately, they were able to catch the malware before it could do any harm. I highly recommend taking a Blackbird! “

Best results with SEO best practices

To say that it is difficult to be relevant in the field of information technology is a massive understatement. Even large companies struggle to maintain a good brand presence. But, with dedicated SEO initiatives, DRPSEC is quickly seeing returns on its investment.

A glance at the new site proves the redesign was worth it. Previously, the web copy of DRPSEC, while relevant to the field in which they specialize, was dull and dry. Barely anything to attract potential customers and inspire customers to take action.

A surefire way for Sprinkles Media to change the DNA of the site was to overhaul messaging which greatly helped DRPSEC get rid of generic and dry web copy and blog content. With the fields of IT and cybersecurity, it can be easy for the uninitiated to be sidelined by some of the terminology and jargon.

Using a tone that encourages action and being open and warm, individuals and businesses looking for cybersecurity specialists in Southern California now have someone to identify with.

This new improved web copy was due in part to the SEO team at Sprinkles Media. Sprinkles Media asked the DRPSEC content team to help revamp the blog posts in particular. By engaging in detailed keyword research, the SEO team was able to identify the most important keywords for DRPSEC to use in their blog copy.

And SEO efforts were more than plugging in the right keywords throughout a blog post; DRPSEC’s content team also provides up-to-date and relevant content that IT industry initiatives and experts can understand and appreciate.

And in that vein, the SEO team at Sprinkles Media, with the help of the founders of DRPSEC, established a clear voice and brand tone with the company. As any digital marketer knows, setting a clear brand voice and tone essentially moves all of your content online.

This is how a brand communicates with its target audience. DRPSEC’s newer and more consistent tone is aimed at helping any business protect their IT department with enhanced cybersecurity services and programs.

Who is Sprinkles Media?

Founded by digital marketing experts Tyler Eisenhart and Jess Park, Sprinkles Media has years of experience to add to their digital marketing resume.

Park draws his experience from years of paid social media advertising, specializing in strategizing for small and medium businesses. And she has a special touch when it comes to e-commerce businesses.

Eisenhart, who majored in economics at the prestigious Pace University in New York, comes from a paid search engine focused on advertising for large multi-site companies and subscription companies.

2021 has been a pivotal year for the burgeoning digital media agency. After being dissatisfied with their two respective digital marketing agencies, they were determined to eliminate the straw, essentially any marketing methods they found counterintuitive, and decided to do things their own way. They launched their business in January 2021 and quickly recovered.

In addition to helping clients achieve unprecedented brand growth and continued profitability and prosperity, Sprinkles Media offers anyone interested in digital marketing a resource to explore. Sprinkles Media’s aptly named confectionery blog page has countless examples of specific marketing trends, topical advertising tips, and more.

Whether you’re looking for the basics of Black Friday advertising or the ins and outs of social media marketing, the confectionery offers anyone curious about signing up with Sprinkles Media the chance to get a glimpse under the hood.

And just a click away from the company’s blog are all the different services it offers to potential clients. But what is the process that Sprinkles Media uses to help businesses large and small?

Using Sprinkles Media to Transform Brands

Having experienced poor digital marketing strategies in their previous two roles, Park and Eisenhart are dedicated to helping their clients. These past experiences have made their business acumen and customer service impeccable.

After having organized a meeting with Park and Eisenhart, the founders of DRPSEC were able to identify the various weak points of their brand. For example, the lack of web copy and robust blog to promote their business. Sprinkles Media helps clients identify weaknesses in existing business models, developing a well-documented and tested digital marketing strategy aimed at success.

With Park and Eisenhart at the helm of the California-based digital media agency, it’s no surprise that an IT and cybersecurity company like DRPSEC benefits from Sprinkles Media’s various digital marketing solutions.

But DRPSEC is not alone in feeling the fantastic benefits of working with Sprinkles Media. The digital media agency has clients spanning multiple industries, both local and national.

Whether you’re a medical practice in the Mid Atlantic or a clothing manufacturer in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Sprinkles Media will put together a comprehensive plan to help your brand grow both online and offline.

Learn more about Sprinkles Media
Sprinkles Media is a digital marketing startup launched in January 2021. Sprinkles Media offers a comprehensive and holistic marketing approach, covering all aspects of digital marketing.

Whether you’re looking for a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy to boost your business or want to grow your brand through search engine optimization, Sprinkles Media has a plan for you.

For more information on Sprinkles Media, visit the official website.

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