Five important articles for Patient Safety Awareness Week


March 19, 2021

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March 14-20 is Patient Safety Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness “of the importance of making healthcare as safe as possible,” according to the Agency for Research and Quality of Healthcare. health.

“Health care usually begins with a diagnosis, but too often diagnoses are not accurate or timely.” Jeff Brady, MD, MPH, director of the Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety within the Agency for Research and Quality in Healthcare (AHRQ), said in a video on the agency’s website.

Reference: Agency for Research and Quality in Health

He cited data that suggests that one in 20 American adults has been misdiagnosed. Other data on commonly misdiagnosed conditions indicate that about half of patients who experience a misdiagnosis experience permanent disability or death, he continued.

Jeff Brady

Brady encouraged clinicians to visit the AHRQ website to learn more about programs that can improve patient safety and to apply for grants that fund initiatives that promote safer healthcare.

In commemoration of Patient Safety Awareness Week, Healio Primary Care has compiled a list of stories that highlight efforts and opportunities to improve patient safety.

Q&A: Quality Improvement Program ‘Removed Barriers’ to Antibiotic Management in Hospitals

Quality improvement program reduced antibiotic use and strengthened antimicrobial stewardship in hospitals, according to analysis published in JAMA network open. Read more.

Study shows benefit of serial testing in nursing home outbreaks

Modeling has shown that serial testing of asymptomatic residents and staff in nursing homes could prevent more than 50% of SARS-CoV-2 infections during an outbreak, according to the results of a study published in Clinical infectious diseases. Read more.

Q&A: Toolkit reduces falls in hospital patients

According to a study published in JAMA network open. Healio Primary Care spoke with one of the study authors to learn more about the toolkit and how it can be implemented in hospitals across the country. Read more.

Medical Imaging Services Sold on Groupon Save Money But May Put Patient Safety At Risk

E-commerce site Groupon saved money for patients who purchased medical imaging services, but vendors did not always “accurately or adequately” provide information about the risks of imaging , the researchers reported. Read more.

Security performance of EHRs varies widely

Despite the widespread adoption and optimization of electronic health records over a 10-year period, researchers reported “great variation” in the safety performance of operational EHR systems. Read more.

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