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Whether you’re an FTC fan or hater, we can all agree that one of the agency’s crown jewels is its consumer and business education program. For decades, this program has provided information that has helped consumers protect themselves and provided businesses with important insights and advice to inform their decision-making. And probably the most valuable of these gems is the FTC Business Blog.

For more than a decade, this blog has been the go-to place for those of us who advise businesses on recent FTC developments and for businesses who want to stay up to date with what’s going on at the agency. The analysis is always precise and the material is presented in a unique, entertaining and sometimes funny way. This is the blog that explained the importance of complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by comparing it to everyone’s favorite song Village People, YMCA.

So why are we writing today in our blog on the FTC’s corporate blog? Well, the FTC recently did a complete overhaul of their website. And while we sometimes think the change is good, there seems to be something quite problematic with this revamp. From what we can tell, a lot of the corporate blog content has disappeared from the website. We were looking for older blogs the other day and kept coming across many broken links to the blog. For some of them, we could possibly find the content by searching using the author’s name, but that seems suboptimal to say the least. And to be clear, some of the content just disappeared. Poof. Faded away. Like many of our hopes and dreams.

Now we understand the need to get rid of some older content, freshen things up and definitely replace and modernize when doing a website redesign. But these blogs are important and informative and should be easily accessible for practitioners, businesses and consumers who also benefit from these materials. So consider this our informal petition to the powers that be at the agency. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that the disappearance of much of the company blog content was an unfortunate oversight; and we understand, these things happen. We’ve all been there, ordering stuff online late at night – and two days later a delivery arrives, and we wonder what we were doing two nights ago. But it’s not too late to undo what’s been done and get all the Business Blog content back with working links. Informing the public and the business community about current and past FTC actions is an important part of the agency’s mission, and no one does it better than the FTC’s Business Blog.

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