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Over the past few years, Google has supported encrypted HTTPS connections to almost all of its products, including Search, Gmail, and Google Drive. It now even uses HTTPS support as a ranking signal in its search results. Starting today, the company is also bringing HTTPS support to its Blogspot blogging platform.

Google hosts its own blogs at Blogspot and from today the official Google blog and the Google online security blog will be using HTTPS. More will follow soon, although it is a bit odd that the Blogger blog does not yet use this feature.

Google maintains that using HTTPS will help ensure that bad actors cannot track the authors and visitors of a site, and that visitors are not redirected to a “malicious location”.

For regular users, HTTPS support on Blogspot will be rolled out gradually, but if you’re blogging on Google’s platform, you can already choose to use it today.

There are a few caveats though: if you’re using a custom domain, it won’t work yet. Also, once you enable this feature, it is likely that some features of your templates and gadgets will not work because they were not written for sites on secure connections and may result in mixed content errors. .

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