Google Chrome Now allows you to delete website data


The most recent version of Google Chrome, Chrome 97, includes a host of new features. Chrome 97, in particular, makes it easy to delete data saved by websites. The beta version of Chrome 97 has been released, according to a recent official Chromium blog (via 9To5Google). The new beta also streamlines site storage settings, among other things. Moreover, it makes it easier to delete all data saved by a certain website. By going to Settings> Privacy & Security> Site Settings, users can remove their personal information from the site. Then select Show permissions and data stored in files from the drop-down menu.

According to Google, this change was implemented to provide a clean user experience for users. They will have more control over the data stored by a website on their devices. Moreover, it will also give them insight into what all the settings of the websites likely visited are doing. Along with the ability to wipe site data, Chrome 97 beta also supports WebTransport API and CSS media queries.

Google says it plans to remove granular control over deleting individual cookies under Settings> Privacy and security> Cookies and other site data> See all cookies and site data. However, as 9To5Google noted, this capability will remain intact for web developers in DevTools. Developers can visit the DevTools website to access more technical details by cookie or storage tier as needed. Chrome 97 beta also supports WebTransport API and CSS media queries

This will check whether the device supports HDR or not. If you are intrigued by all of these features, know that the beta version of Chrome 97 is being rolled out through the beta channel. You can download it here if you are interested. Google is also testing a new feature for Chrome. This feature is called the Privacy Guide, which will explain all of the browser’s security and privacy controls in language that is easier for users to understand.

This will give more clarity to the user on what these controls are and how they affect their overall browsing experience. The feature is currently accessible through a Chrome flag, which you can enable by visiting chrome: // flags. Then look for the #privacy-review flag. After enabling the flag, you must restart the browser for the flag to take effect. The Privacy Guide is available as a flag, which appears to be a work in progress.

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  • Google Chrome Now allows you to delete website data
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