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Last month, in a surprise incident, Google lost access to the blogging platform. Visiting the website throws a “The IP address of the server could not be found” Fault. While most of us expected the software giant to fix the problem immediately, it has been a while and the problem persists.

June 24, a registrar named bought A quick WHOIS search at the time of writing this article indicated that still had access to the domain. Additionally, the domain is currently inactive.

The domain, however, is for sale on Sedo, a marketplace for buying and selling domains. The seller has quoted a starting price of $ 5,999 on the website, which roughly translates to Rs. 4.5 lakhs.

However, this does not necessarily mean that one could own the domain by paying only $ 5,999. The price listed here is just the starting price and the seller would naturally sell the domain to the highest bidder. When I checked there are 30 offers for the website. Considering the importance of the website, nowhere will the prices shown be cheaper.

Additionally, domain availability for anyone to buy opens blogs hosted on to be redirected for malware or scams. According to reports, all indexed links are hard-coded, so if someone bought the domain, they could easily redirect those indexed links to any web page they chose.

It is indeed surprising that Google has made no visible effort to resolve the situation. In addition, it remains unclear whether Google is unaware of the situation or is intentionally silent. Chances are the company is currently in negotiations with for the finalized price.

That said, keep in mind that blogging is not completely inaccessible. If you own or frequently visit a website, you can access it by replacing with in the website URL.

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