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Google’s free Blogger tool makes it easy for anyone to build their own website, but the platform is struggling in India this week. Somehow, Google unfortunately let the “” domain disappear, breaking down millions of sites and potentially putting them at risk.

Spotted by The next web and BipComputer, Google apparently dropped the domain in early June, as Google no longer had control of that domain. Rather, it is now owned by and is available for purchase by anyone with $ 5,999 to resell.

Google has not let the domain expire, where all of these blogs are still visible. However, sites will not be automatically redirected there. Google previously configured the .in and other domain variants for different regions where Blogger sites were created. The localization of domain names has enabled faster take down requests for content hosted on the platform.

As it stands, the loss of domain ownership has caused over 4 million Blogger hosted websites to break in Google Search and other areas where they were linked. BipComputer asked Google for information about it in early June, but never received a response for the company.

It goes without saying that this was a huge mistake, but it has the potential to do some real damage. If Google does not buy out the domain, the millions of URLs on the web could be redirected to harmful sites, to spread scams and / or malware, and much more. $ 5,999 seems like a small price to pay for Google to prevent this.

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