Google loses ownership of domain, millions of Indian users affected


Blogspot users in India are having access issues when trying to log into their accounts on the Google owned blogging site. This is because the tech giant has lost control of domain, making the site inaccessible to its millions of users in India.

While Blogspot users can still see their blogs if they switch to, millions of users who shared links with in the URL are at an impasse as those links are now broken.

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Google has not yet recognized the loss

According to reports, Google no longer owns the domain name and it is currently owned by It is not known exactly when Google lost control of Blogspot’s India Page domain. Prior to the incident, the URL was part of Google’s blogging ecosystem called Blogger, known as Blogspot before it was acquired by Google in 2003.

The URL is not a separate address, but simply a redirect generated based on the country where the blogger resides. The concept of URLs was introduced by Google in 2013, it was made primarily to facilitate the removal of content that violates local law. By having a country-specific URL, Google could easily remove specific content so that it was not available to local readers in that region.

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While this problem does not seem so critical, millions of Indian bloggers who rely on Blogspot for their source of income as well as for their exposure are suffering. Google has yet to fix the lost URL and has not even informed its users.

According to reports, the domain name has been listed for sale by its current owners in an online marketplace where one can buy and sell domain names. The seller has decided to open the auction for the domain name at $ 5,999, which converts to Rs 4.5 lakhs.

However, this is only the starting price of the domain name and it is likely to go to the highest bidder; therefore, the actual price may be much higher than the current quote.

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