Here’s how you can volunteer as a Covid test sample taker


If you live in Beijing, chances are you’re used to seeing a dabai holding a nucleic acid testing flowchart in his hands, standing out among one of these covid sample testing centers to test people. But have you considered becoming one of them to fight covid alongside your local counterparts? Well, the good news is that starting May 25, Beijing is recruiting volunteers for sampling, and you too can be one of them!

But how to register? Here is a practical guide.

Step 1 : Long press the QR code to enter the mini program called 志愿北京 Zhìyuàn běijīng

2nd step: Click 个人注册 Gèrén zhùcè to fill in your information.

Once you are done, you will receive a notification that your information has been submitted successfully and it will take two days to verify your information. Once the verification is complete, you will get a unified registration number as a volunteer.

Step 3. Click on 北京市核酸采样志愿者招募项目 Běijīng shì hésuān cǎiyàng zhìyuàn zhě zhāomù xiàngmù.

Step 4. This will take you to the page where you can choose the neighborhood closest to you.

Step 5 Click on 我要报名 Wǒ yào bàomíng.The deadline is December 31. Click on 免登录快捷报名 Miǎn dēnglù kuàijié bàomíng.

Then choose your location, enter your passport information, press 确定 Quedingand you are ready!

To note: The Beijing branch of the Chinese Medical Association will review all applications. Selected volunteers must undergo vocational training before they can work. You will be assigned to a testing site near you.

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