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The Blogger Video Bar gadget on Google Blogs, also known as Blogspot, allows you to embed content from YouTube into any area of ​​your blog layout. Using the gadget, you can play the most popular YouTube videos, videos from a specific content channel, or videos that match any keyphrase you enter. Install the Video Bar gadget to give your visitors a selection of videos to watch while reading your content, or install the HTML / JavaScript gadget to embed a single video in your blog sidebar or in a post.

Log in to to view your account dashboard menu.

Select the “Design” link next to a blog title to display the “Add and organize page elements” screen for that blog.

Click one of the “Add a gadget” links on the page. The location of the link you click determines where the video will appear in your blog layout.

Click the blue plus icon next to the gadget labeled “Video Bar.” The window now displays the title “Configure Video Bar”.

Click on the “Title” field and enter a title for the video gadget.

Check the “Most Viewed Videos”, “Top Rated Videos” or “Recently Featured Videos” box to view currently popular videos on YouTube. To view videos with specific keywords, skip this step.

Click on the “Channels” field and enter a channel title to view content from a specific YouTube channel.

Click the “Keywords” field and enter keywords or keyphrases that describe the content you want the video gadget to play.

Click the “Save” button to add the video gadget to your blog.

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