How to disavow all Blogspot links, including TLDs


If you’ve ever created a disclaimer file, chances are you’ve come across multiple links, as well as links from the different international versions of Blogspot, each hosted on its own country-specific TLD. And it can be a chore to disown them all.

Marie Haynes shared an incredibly useful tip for those who want to disown all Blogspot URLs. Simply disavow the entire domain using:


This will disavow everything including all TLDs such as and And yes, it works for all subdomains on all blogspot urls.

Disavowing all links from Blogspot means that it will also speed up the processing of the disavow file, which is important for many people, especially those penalized by Google.

Someone asked Google Trends analyst Zineb Ait Bahajji to confirm that it was working, and she said yes, because this is the canonical domain.

For those who do not master French, she says “Yes… because the canonical version is .com”.

She also says that if any links appear in Google Search Console, you should always disavow the different versions individually.

Haynes also pointed out that sometimes there are legitimate links from blogspot URLs. But when someone uses blogspot to spam links, it may be easier to disavow the entire domain rather than having to disavow individually subdomain by subdomain.

So, if you are having an issue with a lot of low quality or spam links coming from Blogspot, it will make the disallowance process much easier.

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