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Your Blogger blog offers interesting content on a topic that you know and interests you. You’ve spent hours picking the perfect theme, background, and font color. However, when you check your blog to see how many subscribers it has, you see very few, if any, visitors. When you are starting your blog for the first time, generating traffic is one of your biggest challenges. Once you’ve overcome this hurdle, your blog gains visibility and attracts regular readers.

Write meaningful content

Regular traffic to your Blogger blog depends almost entirely on the content you write. If you’re blogging about new movies, for example, always write the most interesting and relevant content possible that relates to that topic. Give readers a reason to come back to the blog. If early readers like the blog, they can link to it or ask others to visit. If, on the other hand, readers find that your blog is lacking in interesting content, they are unlikely to come back. Readers also don’t like blogs with too many ads or blogs that seem to exist purely for advertising purposes.

Have an attractive blog design

In the blogging world, an attractive blog goes a long way in generating traffic. Think about what design, colors, and images would appeal the most to your blog readers. If your target audience is young adults, for example, try using bright, vibrant colors. Add images to as many posts as possible. The images that you have photographed or created yourself give an air of authenticity to your messages. Images work particularly well with instructional type messages. For example, if you are posting a complicated recipe, adding images will make the process easier for your readers to understand.

Promote your blog

Almost no one will find your Blogger blog if you don’t promote it yourself. When you first set up your blog, you probably won’t be able to find it on most search engines, even if you search for it by name. To promote your blog, leave a link to it every time you post a comment on an article or on a forum. Visit and comment on other people’s blogs that have a topic similar to yours. Tell everyone you know about your blog and ask them to share the URL with people they know. If your blog is professional or business related, include the URL on your business cards or any other business related material.

Click on the button “Next blog”

One feature designed to help you drive new traffic to your blog is the “Next Blog” button. When a reader views another Blogger blog, this button appears at the top of the page. Clicking on it takes the reader to a new blog chosen at random. If you post and update your blog frequently, you are more likely to get traffic from the “Next Blog” button. Try adding new content daily, or even several times a day, to get more traffic this way.

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