How to embed your Instagram profile on your website


Image Credit: Adam Mosseri

The latest update could be a great way to highlight the six most recent Instagram feed posts on your own website.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri arrives on social media with another video outlining the new and upcoming features on Instagram. This week’s updates include Instagram read, visual reel responses, and profile integrations. For years, Instagram has made it super easy to embed photos and videos on your website, see below. Now Instagram is extending this functionality to profiles, allowing you to embed a thumbnail version of your Instagram profile on your website. This is a more engaging way to show off your Instagram feed, rather than just linking to it. You’ll be able to integrate anyone’s account, not just your own, but the feature is only launched in the US to begin with.

Mosseri doesn’t show us exactly how profile embedding works, but assuming it’s done the same way as feed posts, we can expect to see the option under the three dots next to the name of user.

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