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Although it seems like trust on the web is at an all-time low, now is a great time to understand the elements of a trustworthy and credible website. After all, learning how to find reliable sources online is a prerequisite for becoming a trusted (and perhaps even in-demand) expert. With the rise of online fraud, identity theft and data breaches, internet users are more cautious than ever. We also need to be equally skeptical of the type of content we consume when we go online.

And internet usage will undoubtedly skyrocket this year due to the 2020 election and the continued popularity of e-commerce and e-learning. While all of this leads to a tremendous surge in commerce, idea sharing and innovation, it can also lead to “more criminal exploits and institutional incursions that affect more people, so less trust is established”. These malicious websites become even more problematic when internet users willingly share their personal information, such as credit card details.

Check the URL and domain name.

Before you even click on a website, whether on a search engine results page or in an email, read the URL. Make sure the website represents a trusted organization or institution, such as a government agency, non-profit organization, foundation, or university. These websites may include those operated by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, or colleges and universities.

If you’re going to enter personal information such as your credit card or social security number, make sure the site offers a secure connection. You can do this by making sure the link starts with https://. The extra “s” before the colon means that the website is based on a secure connection, which is better protected against hackers than the usual http://.

Trust seals and secure connections

As marketing firm Omniconvert explains, “A trust badge, or trust seal, is an icon on your website that assures your visitors that the site is legitimate and that all of their data is being collected by secure third parties.

The business with the trust seal that agrees to place your badge on your website confirms that your business is genuine, so users know that all processes that take place on your website are safe and secure.

Check the site, check your instincts.

Once you’ve started browsing the site, go through another round of verification before quoting, sharing, or purchasing the site. You can have a sense of credibility as soon as you land on the homepage. If it looks wonky and clunky in its design, that could be a red flag.

But anyone can hire a professional web designer and produce content. Therefore, he must pay attention to the quality of the content. The proof is in the reviews. If you spot typos, grammatical errors, and even inconsistent spacing between words and paragraphs, you might want to avoid the site altogether.

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As you can see, determining online credibility requires the same skills as a professional journalist or researcher. It’s about verifying and interrogating the information that comes to your desktop. If you are looking for information on policies and guidelines, consider whether the organization behind the site has any political affiliations or agendas. Option for non-partisan websites with objective content and authors.

Big business information data should also be viewed with skepticism. While you may trust a company with a particular product, you may want to think twice about trusting their company records. For example, when a major sneaker company releases a clinical study on the link between health and brisk walking, don’t be surprised if their research inspires you to buy their latest sneakers. In that case, you better trust the facts and figures from a study by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Final words: How to identify a trustworthy website

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