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Check how to make Microsoft Edge read articles aloud

Navigating long web pages or articles on the Internet can be exhausting for people who are not used to reading. Reading can feel like a mini exercise for your brain and make you sleepy when you’re already tired. Microsoft Edge’s read-aloud feature lets you listen to a webpage like an audiobook or podcast. It’s a great tool for natural listeners who prefer information in auditory form, or for those who have an aversion to reading. Microsoft Edge does a pretty good job of speech and speech intelligibility. People who have used text-to-speech or screen readers in the past can expect robotic or unnatural sounding, but Edge sounds natural enough with human-like beats and voice notations. You can also change the reader’s voice or accent.

Open the webpage in Microsoft Edge. It will automatically display the Immersive Reader or Read Aloud tool in the address bar when it detects that a significant portion of the page consists of text. After opening Read Aloud, you’ll see a ribbon at the top with a Play button and buttons to move to the next or previous paragraph. You can click Voice Options in the top right corner of the sidebar to adjust the player tempo and select a different voice or accent for the player.

How to Make Microsoft Edge Read Articles Aloud

  • To get there, first open the article you want Microsoft Edge to read aloud on your Windows 10 PC or Mac. Then, from the URL bar, click the Immersive Reader button (you can also tap the F9 key).
  • The page will now change to reader mode format.
  • To listen to the article, click on the “Read aloud” button.
  • Microsoft Edge will now start speaking the article text from top to bottom. It will fade out the entire article, highlighting only the spoken word.
  • You can change the playback speed and the voice itself in the “Voice Options” section. Edge has a versatile library of natural-sounding English voices for different accents (German, Japanese, Indian, etc.).
  • You can pause and navigate the voice function in different ways. First, you can click the Play/Pause button on the top. The Previous and Next buttons will help you jump to the previous or next paragraph.
  • The read aloud function does not allow you to directly access part of the article. Always start speaking from the top of the screen. So if you want to move forward, scroll down and line up the text you want at the top of the window. Then double-click anywhere in the window to access it.
  • When you’re done, you can use the ESC key to exit read aloud, or you can click the Immersive Reader button to exit reader mode entirely.

Final Words: How to Get Microsoft Edge to Read Articles Aloud

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