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Check out how to read premium content and bypass website survey

When you visit a website, you will find a lot of advertisements on that website and you may see the same advertisements on that website as well. Bloggers like us can only make money with these ads. However, the limitation is that they run online surveys instead of advertisements. And you have to do that … This survey bothers me too. But now I have the solution. I will share this solution with you so that you don’t have to bother anymore. This article shows you how to easily avoid online surveys.

Bypass the redirect

Redirect Bypasser is a Mozilla Firefox browser online survey bypass add-on only used to bypass surveys on websites. Not all, but most polls are avoided. The only problem is that it is not available in any other browser. This bypass online survey extension also helps you with pop-ups and a bunch of other annoying things on the internet, so you take the first option.

To have the Chrome extension ignore polls, click here. To add Redirect Bypasser in your Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Open the Firefox browser
  • Search for “Redirect Bypasser” in Google or any other search engine.
  • Click on “+ Add to Firefox”.

The other features of Redirect Bypasser are:

  • Extract links recursively (all URLs found are added to a contextual overlay as the link scrolls to allow the user to quickly choose the best option).
  • Decodes obscured links such as “reverse”, base64, and hex. (tricks used by some sites to avoid direct access to the original web address).
  • Extract web addresses in tag attributes (eg, onclick, onmouseover), textual content, and JavaScript protocol (used primarily to open pop-ups or show overlays).
  • Extract web addresses from add-ons (useful for opening flash games, videos in a new tab or for getting URLs for videos, music, etc.).
  • It can handle dynamic content very well (links that move or hide). is a survey blocking website. Blocking polls is easy; Please enter the URL in the box below. There are also options like Encrypt URL, Block Scripts, Allow Cookies, etc. Here, skipping the online survey is a bit tricky because you have to enter the link or URL every time you come across the survey. In fact, it’s backbreaking work, but it gets the job done. You will have access to the website or specific website content without online surveys.

To block surveys through, please follow the steps below:

  • Open any website that requests a survey and then in a new tab open
  • Copy the site URL and paste it into the URL box at
  • Click on GO and you will then be taken to the main content you want to access.

Skip online surveys with Inspect Element

You can also avoid an investigation by using the inspect element. Instead, this is a different method from the first two methods, and you should have some knowledge of programming languages ​​like HTML or also simple web development, but this method works. The inspect element is just an option to enter the encoding section of the web page from the client side, and it doesn’t affect the server side, so you can play around with a few things like tags or attributes.

To implement or run (since we’re dealing with a bit of programming) follow the steps below:

  • Right click on the survey page and select “Inspect Item” from the drop-down menu. Different elements of the site will be presented to you in a developer console.
  • Within those items, look for words like Overlay and Poll. These are the things that prevent you from accessing files or any content.
  • Right click on those items or codes and select “Deactivate Item” or “Remove Node” to get rid of the polls once and for all.

Survey Removal Tool – Skip Surveys Faster

Here is another online survey tool from Bypass called Survey Remover Tool, which is currently the best tool on the internet. This method of skipping surveys also requires the URL of the website from which you should skip surveys. It’s a hectic job because you always need a URL and the process is not automatic but semi-automatic. You must enter the website link to skip polls and access content. This survey removal tool will be beneficial when there are two or three survey websites, but it will be a headache if there are many survey sites to access the content.

Follow the steps below to use the survey removal tool

  • Open the link to download the Survey Remover tool
  • Download the tool from the link by clicking the download button.
  • After downloading the tool, run it.
  • Copy the link or URL of the site requesting an online survey.
  • Paste the URL into the URL location of the tool.
  • Hit the Enter key and the tool effectively removes all polls and overlays from the site.

Investigation smasher

Survey Smasher is another type of survey derivation tool like the ones above. Requires you to enter website link or URL to skip surveys on the website. It encodes the site to remove all annoying and mandatory surveys so that you can access the website without any hassle or bypassing the surveys. The user interface is completely professional but very easy to use.

The steps are simple:

  • Download the application on the site
  • Install the app
  • Add the links you want to ignore.
  • And now you will find the converted links ready for download.

Final words: How to read premium content and bypass the website survey

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