How to transfer a Blogger site (Blogspot) from one account to another


If you are using Blogger for blogging or as a free website development tool, there may be a number of reasons why you may need to move your site to a different Google Account. No matter what type of site you have developed using Blogger, whether it is a domain or a custom domain, you can transfer your Blogspot / Blogger site to n ‘ any other Google account when needed. If the question “how to transfer a Blogspot site to another Google / Blogger account?” then go through this article and follow the steps as instructed.

Move Blogspot | Blogger account to a new Gmail email address

First, make a backup copy of the website and its content. Then proceed to the next steps. Remember to save any image files that you have in your website design.

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard by logging into your blogger account that you want to transfer.

2nd step: Now navigate to the “Settings“and click on it.

Step 3: Now scroll down and navigate to the “Authorizations“section.

Step 4: Locate “Invite more authors“and click on it.

Step 5: Put in the “e-mail address” of the Google account to which you want to transfer this Blog / Website and press the “Send” button.

Enter the email address of the new Google account min

Step 6: Now log into the email account you just entered and locate the newly received email (author invitation) from your Blogspot account.

Step 7: In the mail, you must confirm that you would join as the author by following the instructions given on that mail.

Step 8: Now go back to your Blogger Dashboard > go to Authorizations section > Click on “Blog administrators and authors”.

Give blog admins and authors min permissions

Step 9: Now click on the newly added / source email address (where you want to forward the site to) and just to the right of it change the preference to Administrator of Author. Then click on to safeguard.

Step 10: Again, go to the “Blog administrators and authors“, select the current email address and change the preference to Author of Administrator. Now click on to safeguard & so Refresh the page.

Your Blogger account has been moved to the new email account along with all admin and dashboard controls.

Now if you want you can go to “Blog administrators and authors”Section again but this time in t new account, where you have moved your Blogger account. From there you can completely delete the old account which is now set as the author. Then, if you want, you can also permanently delete the old Google account without any complications.

But before you permanently delete the old account, you need to change admin ID or contact email ID and comments email ID in your dashboard using button Disposition tongue. If you still want to keep the old account, for easier control, you can transfer emails from the old account to the new account with just a few clicks.

If, after doing everything correctly, the changes you want do not take place, you should clear your browser’s cache and try again.

End note

Blogger is very flexible, free, and one of the best platforms for new bloggers. Even many professional bloggers start each of their sites on Blogger in the early stages, then move on to a custom domain and a WordPress CMS. Of course, you can’t have such a feature-rich experience with Blogger as you do with WordPress, but with the right planning and execution, even Blogger gives you endless possibilities.

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