How to translate a website using Google Translate


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Check out how to translate a website using Google Translate

This app lets you press a button and ask a question. From there, it will display the translated phrases in over 50 languages ​​or for the 23 most popular languages ​​in the world, the app will retrieve the translation for you. For English to Spanish conversations, with a new Android exclusive feature, users speak on the phone in their native language and the device speaks the translation.

No matter what Internet access you use, chances are you will need to access a website that is not in your native language at some point. Also, if you own a website, you might want to make it multilingual to broaden your audience. However, the two tasks may seem equally impossible if you are not a polyglot.

Google Translate is good for the holidays where sometimes you just need a translator and in some situations a simple translation is needed. (There are important, more frequent, and more expensive applications for translation purposes.) A good language tool is also fun for kids to play with.

How to translate a website with Google Translate

To translate an entire website with Google Translate, follow these steps and refer to Figure 1 for reference:

  • Open a web browser and go to You don’t need a Google account to access it because it’s free for everyone.
  • In the text box on the left, enter the full URL (including http: //) of the website you want to view.
  • On the right, choose the language in which you want to display the website.
  • Click on the highlighted URL.

The translated website appears. You can browse the entire website in that language by clicking on the site links, as long as you stay in the Google Translate user interface. The Translate toolbar at the top lets you do a few other things:

  • In the To drop-down menu, you can change the translation language on the fly.
  • Next to Show, you can switch between the translated website and the site in its original language.

Final words: how to translate a website using Google Translate

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