How to turn website coloring on or off in Safari


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Check how to turn website coloring on or off in Safari

In iOS 15, Apple updated the Safari browser. The built-in browser now has an address bar mounted at the bottom, is more secure than ever, and even allows extensions. Besides the main features, there are also some minor features, one of which we will be looking at today. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what website coloring is and how you can use it on an iPhone running iOS 15.

What is the tint of the website?

When you visit a website, the top and screen, the notch area, have always been translucent, in light and dark tones. While aesthetic, you might not be immersive enough for viewers. To counter this, Apple introduced something called “Website Tint,” which matches the top bar to the tone or shade of the website you are currently viewing. The address bar at the bottom of the screen remains translucent as usual. It is only the top bar that carries the dye.

Website tint in iOS 15: how does it work in Safari?

Website coloring is a new aesthetic feature that allows for a more immersive experience when consuming content through the Safari web browser. The Website Tint option is on by default and is only available on iPhone with iOS 15.

Apple’s iOS 15 simply matches the hue of the top bar to the overall theme of the website, which is done by taking the predominant color scheme of the website.

Since Website Tint is on by default, you will probably get used to it in a few days.

What happens when you activate Website Tint in Safari?

When you enable website tint on your iPhone with iOS 15, the websites you visit through the Safari web browser become much more immersive. iOS 15 does this by matching the website’s top bar to the website’s color scheme. On websites with darker colors, the coloring of the website even looks like it is obscuring the notch.

How to allow website coloring in Safari

You won’t have to do anything else to enable website tint, as this feature is enabled by default in iOS 15. Nonetheless, if you want to know where the option resides, first go to Settings and scroll down down. Now tap on “Safari”.

This will take you to all the options available for Safari web browser in iOS 15. Scroll down until you get to the “Tabs” section. Now activate the option “Allow coloring of the website”.

How to turn off website tinting in Safari

Website dyeing is a pretty immersive feature, but not everyone is a fan of it. Fortunately, iOS 15 allows anyone to turn off website coloring at any time. First of all, go to Settings and tap on the “Safari” option.

Now scroll down and uncheck “Allow website coloring” under the “Tabs” banner.

Its familiar translucent appearance will reappear in the Safari web browser.

Final words: How to turn website coloring on or off in Safari

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