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Check out how to use the Reddit Mobile website to send a message

Users of social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp can now participate in group chats, as well as individual (or private) chats. This feature allows users to broadcast specific difficulties while making sure others won’t see them. Anyone with a Reddit account can send private messages, but they’re limited to text messages only. Due to Reddit’s incomplete mobile website and frequently updated apps, mobile device users may need to try some solutions.

Messaging on Reddit

On Reddit, messaging can be done through rooms or addresses. Reddit’s private message (PM) option is now what’s known as direct. On Reddit, you can send a direct message (a private message) to anyone you want. You can use a direct to communicate with another user about an issue that only affects you two. This article will now show you how to send a private message on Reddit. This is possible whether you are using the website or the app. You should know that Reddit has a “private message” option and a “direct” option. Their difference is that the latter is more recent than the former. But they are quite related.

Note: It is assumed that when you want to send a private (or direct) message, you are sending it to someone you know. Sending a private message to a stranger is okay or forbidden, but the other person may consider you a stranger (stranger alert!). Anyway, go ahead, do it yourself!

Private messages on the web

  • In your browser, click on the Reddit site.
  • Enter your credentials to open your account.
  • In the upper left corner next to the Reddit logo, click the down arrow next to “Start.”
  • Click the “Messages” button in the “Other” section. The “Messages” screen will open with the “All” tab active. The other tabs are “Unread”, “Posts”, “Comment”, “Replies” and “Post replies” and “Username mentions”.
  • Click on the label “Send a private message” just above the tabs. It will open in the old Reddit PM style with a form.
  • In ‘a’, add the username of your recipient (u /) or the moderator of the subreddit (/ r /). Add subject and message. Then click on submit.

From a user’s profile

  • Navigate to the user you want to send a message to or search for it using their username. If they appear, click on them.
  • This opens the “Overview” page. On the right side of the screen in a small profile area, click the “More options” button.
  • Then click on “Send a message”.
  • You will be redirected to a page similar to the one in step 5 above.
  • Add the required details and after confirming that you are not a robot, click “Submit”.

Private messages in the app

Since the app is post-development, it only presents instructions.

  • Tap on the app and make sure you’re signed in.
  • If you can remember the username of the person you want to send a message to, tap the search box and enter it here.
  • Swipe over to the “Profiles” tab to see the usernames that match your result.
  • Once you see them, tap on their name and when their page appears, tap on the “Chat” button. You are now ready to send a private message.
  • The “Chat” icon will always help you get back to the private chat box.

Final Words: How To Use The Reddit Mobile Website To Send A Message

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