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Check How Website Translation Services Will Help Increase Revenue

Localization is the term for various services that convert and adapt content to a new location. Translation from one language to another is the main part of this work. Localization also includes customizing units, formatting, taking into account cultural differences and adapting content accordingly. Translating web content helps to make it more appealing, understandable and appealing to the local population, turning “outsiders” into customers. In today’s globalized world, it is important for businesses to think outside the box to succeed and stand out from the competition. For your business to grow and expand beyond the local market, a multilingual website is essential.

Translating the content of your professional website will help you meet market expectations and improve your conversion rates. But before you start translating website content. Contrary to popular belief, multilingual websites are not created by simply installing an automatic translation plugin (at least not for the good ones). Instead, it means that a professional translator has carefully prepared the content and localized it, taking into account the cultural and linguistic nuances of the audience. It may seem like a significant investment of time, money, and other resources, but most businesses find the benefits of a localized website well worth it.

How Website Translation Services Can Help You Increase Your Revenue

Attract more visitors with search engine optimization

In today’s connected world, the Internet is everyone’s first port of call to get more information about the product or service they are considering. When search is so readily available, it shows that people are looking for it, whether on desktop or mobile. If you really want to connect with customers, clients or visitors, you need to be able to communicate with them in the right way and in their native language. In fact, Common Sense Advisory reported that over 72% of people spend their time online visiting websites in their own language; it makes sense for them to also search in their own language.

Imagine this scenario: someone in Russia types a few words into their search engine “забронировать номер в Париже” and gets a list of matching websites, all in their native language, of course! If your website is not translated into your native language, your website probably won’t show up on Google. This is a BIG missed opportunity. With properly translated website pages in every key language, SEO will skyrocket and with it happy website visitors and revenue. Translating or “localizing” your site may seem like a tedious task, but the benefits are worth it.

Make customers feel more comfortable overall

Before a client even thinks of saying “yes” to your services and handing over their credit card information, you need to be 100% sure of the investment, whether it’s a vacation booking, an appointment to the doctor or another product/service offer. . . Another Common Sense Advisory report found that 75% of non-native speakers prefer to buy products in their native language, with 60% saying they “rarely or never buy from English websites”.

Popular translation tools like Google Translate can lead to a lot of confusion and unhappy customers. When it comes to business and professional services, there is no room for the kind of mistakes these tools make. Poorly translated documents can not only offend customers and visitors, but also permanently damage your brand reputation. When in doubt, it is always best to seek help from an experienced website translator or a team of language experts.

Reach speakers of new languages ​​intelligently and appropriately

Accessibility is more important than ever: as the web has grown rapidly internationally, the need for localized content that people in these large areas can actually understand has grown. The table below shows the most popular languages ​​used online. Unsurprisingly, English tops the list, but few industries have adapted to provide easy access to all of the other most widely used and sought-after languages: Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian, and many others. While these languages ​​may not represent every company’s audience, it shows the importance of knowing where your prospects are and then optimizing them for their language.

In addition to website localization, another way to transform businesses and organizations is to create other physical and digital promotional materials in different languages. Depending on the strategy or industry, this can include brochures, magazines, guides, menus, posters, email newsletters and more.

Final Words: How Will Website Translation Services Help Increase Revenue?

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