Intentsify launches new and improved website


Intentsify, the provider of intelligence activation platforms and demand activation programs, today announced the launch of its brand new website,, designed to streamline and enrich the experience site visitors.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the completely redesigned Intentsify website,” said David Crane, VP of Marketing. “The new site aims to serve every web visitor, whether they are looking for shopper and account intent data, advanced intelligence enabling tools, demand generation programs or ‘he’s just looking to deepen his knowledge through our comprehensive B2B marketing and sales resources. ”

With a clean and modern layout punctuated with custom images and graphical elements, delivers a great user experience. The website introduces several new features to make product information and educational resources easier to access, including universal site-wide search, advanced blog topic and keyword filters, and an all-new media library. Additionally, the new Intentsify website features an updated mobile experience for easy browsing on the go.

The site is also linked to a dedicated careers portal with enhanced search functionality, allowing job seekers to filter by job type and location, as well as view remote versus internal opportunities.

Visit to explore more site highlights.

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