Leaked update from VALORANT website confirms new agent was delayed until 2 weeks after Episode 3 Act 3 for patch 3.10


If you waited for the next agent to join you by VALORANT increasing number of playable characters, then you might be disappointed to know you’ll have to wait a little longer.

In a now-deleted update page on the Arabic version of Riot’s website, character producer John Goscicki confirmed that the release of the next agent has been delayed until patch 3.10, which is scheduled for two weeks after the release. beginning of episode three, act three.

A free translation of the message says that “[the agent] had not yet reached the level of quality you expect from us, ”according to Goscicki.

Over the past few months, Riot has teased the addition of a new agent to the game. There have been plenty of clues hinted at a character named Deadeye, including a possible cameo in the Year One Anthem video, a hidden sound on the lineup, and clues in the September edition of the State of blog post. the Agents.

The riot even fell a new teaser on social media today, it appears to show Deadeye’s weapon of choice, which looks like a sleek golden rifle. There are also several cards floating next to the weapons, which could be the new agent’s calling card.

VALUING fans will be eager to learn more about the agent and his abilities soon.

At the time of writing, Riot has yet to officially publish the English blog post. The update is still available on the Chinese version of the VALUING site, however.

Update Oct. 28 10:17 a.m.CT: Riot released the official message announcing the delay. The developers will still unveil the new Sentry on Friday, October 29 at 10 a.m. CT.

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