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Matt and Lovelyn Palm are pictured with their children: Nicolas, 10, Chloe, 7, Anika, 6, Jude, 5, Ellie, 4, Clayton, 3 and Bianca, 2.

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By Sue Bero Times Correspondent

Lovelyn Palm blogs almost daily about family, faith, adoption, orphan care, living life positively and enjoying life. She shares experiences and ideas and about the faith that led her and her husband, Matt, to open their hearts and their homes and adopt.

Expanding their family of four daughters: Chloe, 7, Anika, 6, Ellie, 4 and Bianca, 2, they adopted Clayton, 3, from Uganda in 2009 and on October 9 they returned from Uganda with sons Nicolas, 10, and Jude, 5. “This is where God had our children,” she said of Uganda. “We did a lot of research and started to hear the adoption call and when we started to research, that’s where God pulled our hearts.

“We felt like we had enough room, room in our house and room in our hearts and why not give the children who need a home and a family that. We spent it. three months in Uganda since 2009 and have fallen in love with the country. We saw the needs there and we are still involved in projects, a drinking water project. It’s awful that people still have to serve their children dirty, disease infested water. We’ve seen this, so we keep giving back to Uganda to help them. “

Palm is raising funds to dig a well in the village of Busoga. “Our 10 year old spent time in this village with a mentor and saw the water. It is literally swamp water and he started to pray that they have clean water and when i was there for the (adoption) court proceedings he told me about the village and we went to visit and see i said we had to do something.

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