Microsoft Windows 11 is opening a ‘dev channel’ for testers to try out new features, separate from the beta


Microsoft opens a new test program for Windows 11 and invites interested parties to test features that may or may not be released. The program will be called the “Dev Channel”, it would be a separate venture from Microsoft’s existing “Beta Channel”, as the former will have more exclusive features for the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Windows 11: Dev Channel Coming Soon to Testers

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Windows Insider program manager Amanda Langowski wrote a blog post for Microsoft talking about a new program that users can participate in and join. Windows 11’s new “Dev Channel” will focus on more exclusive features to be tested and evaluated before the rest of the world or even the Beta Channel.

The programs here to feature may or may not see a version from Microsoft’s team.

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Windows 11: Dev Channel is different from Beta Channel

The difference with the Beta Channel is that the Dev Channel has thinner guarantees that the programs here will make it to the regular public operating system. The beta channel will showcase more of what Microsoft is most likely to update.

The Dev Channel is for “longer term” projects that can take months or years to complete.

the Insider program releases many updates for Microsoft Windows and its users, explaining the many notes it has for the development of the operating system. The team aims to bring new functionality to Microsoft users and is focused on research to determine what would work in today’s industry.

Microsoft’s program guarantees that it brings the necessary functionality to the general public.

Windows 11 and its influence on the world

The release of Windows 11 on October 4 to the public brought the world a new experience from Microsoft, and it focuses on the new operating system for computers. It has added many new features to UI and UX for user enjoyment and several things that make it a new operating system and not just a rip off of old Windows 10.

Since last June when Microsoft announced the software, specific updates and features have been made to the operating system, and it includes some goodies for users. Nevertheless, Microsoft wanted Windows 11 to become more accessible to users’ eyes and access; therefore, its new design simplifies the computer’s operating system.

Windows is still the most used operating system in the world because it is cheaper to buy and more accessible than Linux and macOS. Nevertheless, it provides the basic and advanced features that a user will need on a daily basis for business and personal uses.

Microsoft’s Dev Channel will bring more of its features and allow some users to experiment with it, focusing on testing that will eventually come or not.

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