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Affordable, high-quality audio samples are not just a dream with the launch of Mixxed, a new loop and sample service.

We are proud to present our brand new platform to you: music creators, makers, producers and shakers around the world. Mixed brings affordable, high-quality, and compelling audio samples to creators of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their budget.

We launched Mixxed with a mission that aligns with that of RouteNote; bring freedom to music creators everywhere. As music software has become better, more powerful, and most importantly more available, creators have flourished all over the world, creating a world in which all creative people can make music and share it with the world.

Where RouteNote enables artists to stream their music for free on the world’s largest music services, Mixxed heads to the creative process to give artists, producers and beatmakers of all sizes the resources they need to create amazing music. from scratch at a realistic price for beginners and professionals alike.

Based on the belief that every artist should have the same opportunities to make music, Mixxed puts high quality audio samples from a variety of fantastic artists and creators into the hands of everyone who wants them. With a range of subscriptions on offer, you can choose the price that works best for you.

What is Mixxed?

Mixxed is a platform for producers and music creators who want an affordable solution for high quality audio packs and unique samples. Mixxed operates on a monthly subscription with a choice of tiers for creators to choose from, allowing them to decide on the best option for their budget and musical needs.

Sample packs are downloaded from a wide range of creators offering a huge range of genres and sound types to suit all tastes. With the ability to purchase full sample packs or just purchase the unique sound they want, Mixxed gives creators full control over the content they need to fuel their creative inspiration and fuel their music.

Samples and loops purchased and used by Mixxed users are then fully licensed and licensed for commercial use, whether broadcast their songs on digital platforms or release them on CD or vinyl.

Mixxed is also a fantastic platform for creators and sound designers looking to share their audio with the world. Contributors are paid monthly for each purchase of their content and can download unlimited sample packs to the platform for discovery by users. With an intuitive tagging system for packs and each individual sound, users can easily discover content from contributors, discovering the exact content they are looking for.

How does Mixxed work?

Mixxed works on subscription for users who want to download samples and sound packs. There is a selection of tiers to choose from, allowing users to decide exactly how much they want to pay based on their needs and budget.

Each subscription gives the user an amount of credits to spend each month on individual audio packs and one-shots. Each month, new credits will be added to the accounts, allowing users to accumulate their credits each month and purchase bigger packs and premium sounds.

  • Amateur: 100 credits per month – $ 2.99
  • Chamber Producer: 300 credits per month – $ 5.99
  • Professional: 600 credits per month – $ 9.99
  • Boss: 2000 credits per month – $ 14.99

Each pack and sample purchased is yours forever and can be used however you see fit in your tracks. Even when you cancel your subscription, the sounds you have purchased will remain yours after cancellation.

How can I contribute samples to Mixxed?

You can post your own sounds, one-shots, loops, and more to make them available for purchase and use by Mixxed subscribers. Mixxed offers creators around the world the chance to share their sounds with the world and give beatmakers the tools they need to align their masterpieces with gold.

As a contributor, you can upload your sound packs to Mixxed with an intuitive tagging tool, letting you specify exactly what genres, themes, and sentiments you offer. This allows contributors to immediately reach the right audience and drive more downloads from users.

Musicians can create and download unlimited sample packs at Mixxed allowing the creativity of contributors to flourish as much as they can imagine. With your own contributor page, users can find all of your packs in one place. Add your social media pages and website to convert budding creators into loyal fans and grow your music by following beyond the audio you offer through Mixxed.

To get involved as a contributor, use our contact form and select the “Become a contributor” section: mixxed.com/contact us

Get more from Mixxed

With the referral program, you can get even more from your Mixxed subscriptions. Tell a friend about Mixxed and ask them to sign up using your referral code. The arbitrator will receive 10% off their monthly subscriptions when they register using the code. The sponsor also earns with 10% of the sponsor’s subscription fee taken from himself for the duration of his subscription.

Head over to Mixxed.com and start your sampling journey today on your own terms.

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