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The fundamentals are communication and trust when it comes to facing the digital age

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, Nov 21, 2021 / – The popular Mommy and Me Swag website, which focuses on ways mothers and daughters can bond, recently shared information Important Information on Child Safety Online with a blog post, “Monitoring Your Children’s Social Media Accounts”.

“There is a world of media, and not all of them are safe for consumption, especially for small children. Naturally, as a parent you are the person who knows your child the best and by extension you probably know exactly what they can handle and what kind of media is harmful to them, ”wrote Porscha Chambers, owner of Mommy. And Me. Style.

In the blog post, Chambers gives an essential ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ list when it comes to monitoring children’s social media accounts. Some of the “Dos” include tracking a child’s login information, using monitoring apps, setting common ground rules, and setting the right example.

Don’ts include being too intrusive, judging their activity, and feeling the need to befriend them.

Chambers said the main rules for monitoring a child’s social media accounts are to make sure you don’t invade your child’s personal space, to keep an open conversation around social media, to make sure that ‘they do not harm others and watch them until they are of age.

“At the heart of it is communication and trust,” Chambers said. “Learn how to create a safe space in your home and a relationship with your children as much as you try to do online. It will be difficult to deal with your child as a growing teenager, but this is the age when you will need to trust your child the most. That doesn’t mean blind trust though – trust them to keep you posted, but remember that it is your responsibility as a parent to check in. Trust your children as much as they trust you, and together you can face the digital age.

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