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What are the topics covered this week? There’s the chip shortage, the possibility of a national chip supply chain in the US, SiFive’s new Risc-V processor, flying motorcycles and Intel process technology…

5. The flea shortage may have reached its peak
According to Susquehanna, IC lead times posted their smallest gain in nine months in October. Overall durations increased by one day in October to 21.9 weeks. However, as the lead times for PMIC and opto have decreased, the lead time for MCUs has increased by six weeks, analysts said. There would be a difference between the providers.

4. Morris Chang says U.S. domestic chip supply chain is impossible
Morris Chang says the idea of ​​building a US-based integrated circuit supply chain is impossible even though it has spent far more than the $ 52 billion envisioned by the Chips Act. “If you want to reestablish a full semiconductor supply chain in the United States, you won’t see this as a possible task,” Chang said in Taipei last night, “even after spending hundreds of billions of dollars , you will always find the supply chain to be incomplete, and you will find that it will be a very high cost, much higher cost than what you currently have. Chang gave a similar warning in July.

SiFive Next Generation Risc-V Core3. Take a look at SiFive’s most powerful Risc-V yet
SiFive briefly lifted the curtains on its most powerful Risc-V processor to date. So far only referred to as “Next Generation Core,” final design specs and availability will be revealed in early December at the Risc-V summit. The main figure is that it will improve the performance of the P550, currently SiFive’s most powerful processor, by 50%. The P550 is calibrated at 8.7SpecInt2k6 / GHz (2.4GHz 7nm 0.23mm2). The company has also said it will outperform Arm’s Cortex-A78 – wait until December to make your own comparison.

2. Flying motorcycles on sale
ALI Technologies of Tokyo developed the Xturismo flying motorcycle, reports the Nikkei. The bike can fly at a maximum speed of 100 km / h and can maintain this speed for 40 minutes. It weighs 300 kg and can carry one person. It is powered by an internal combustion engine driving two main propellers.

1. Intel bets the company
Intel is betting the company. In the presentation of third quarter results, CEO Pat Gelsinger (pictured) said 2022 revenues would drop from $ 77.7 billion to around $ 74 billion and gross margins would be cut to 51-53% in over the next few years, while capital spending is expected to rise to $ 25-28 billion. and R&D costs will be around $ 15 billion. When Gordon Moore was president of Intel, he told me, “This is a special business – the only sensible strategy is to bet regularly on the company. Taking a conservative stance – trying to live with the existing generation of technology – is a strategy for bankrupting yourself fairly quickly. “

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