New ‘Unfinished Man’ Men’s Lifestyle Website Launched, Embodying Rise in Popularity of Men’s Content


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Nashua, NH, December 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Unfinished Man has announced the launch of his Men’s Lifestyle website, which offers a home for all things ‘man’. From gadget and tech reviews to style and relationship advice, the website already has thousands of must read for men, with more articles being added every week.

With the launch of the new website and already over half a million readers per month, the team behind Unfinished Man has decided to continue providing their well-established articles, entertainment, and how-to tips designed specifically for men.

Wide-ranging, consumable content addresses the many challenges, life events and aspirations of modern man, while adding much-needed insights and thoughts on everything from cars and games to music and the good life, celebrating masculinity and helping men become better men.

Below, we take a look at the growing popularity of men’s lifestyle content and what the Unfinished Man website launch promises to men of all walks of life and circumstances:

The rise in popularity of men’s lifestyle content

In a bygone era, lifestyle advice, style advice, and ambitious lifestyle articles may have unwittingly been reserved for the female of the species. While stereotypical male-focused topics have always had some sort of outlet, such as automotive magazines and tech TV shows, it has been presumed that topics such as style, home and life, mental health, etc. well-being, relationships, and life counseling were of no interest to men. .

The presumption was very wrong. Today, where the content is more diverse and consumable than ever before, men have their fair share of the pie and are more than happy to eat it. Men are now actively seeking online resources that focus on their interests, hobbies, concerns, beliefs, and motivations, and websites like Unfinished Man are leading the way in meeting demand.

Content written for men, by men

With the launch of the Unfinished Man website, men can delve into popular, established content around:

  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Beautiful life
  • Life tips
  • Man style
  • Relationships

… and much more. Within each category there is plenty to do, with writers reviewing and giving their thoughts on the latest cars on the market, gadgets and home furnishings, gaming, fashion, dating tips, television. , movies and trending topics.

What readers seem to like about the content is that it’s written for men, by men. This is especially noticeable when it comes to the life advice available on the website which is written from a male perspective and covers business, relationships, family, and medical procedures, to name just a few topics within their database. extremely broad content.

The future of men’s lifestyle content – making men better men

Unfinished Man is leading the way for the future of men’s lifestyle publications and resources. Established in 2010 by a team who wanted to escape the daily routine of 9am to 5pm, they devoted a lot of time and effort to their goal of helping men, just like them.

Having previously featured in Men’s Journal, Lifewire, BuzzFeed, and Cracked and reaching over half a million monthly readers, they’ve found the recipe to provide men with the content they are looking for. Not only is the recipe for high-profile content that teaches, inspires, and motivates, but does so in a way that helps men celebrate their masculinity and become better people.

More information:

Unfinished Man is not just a lifestyle blog. It is a place of self-improvement. A place where men become better men. We offer practical, useful and honest life advice to the everyday person. We give you the tools to become a more masculine, confident and successful person. For dating, fashion, finance, grooming, travel and more, we’ve got you covered:

Unfinished Man
472 Amherst St., Unit 772479
NH 03063
United States

[email protected]

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