nRichDX Launches Revolution Sample Prep™ Service


New cfDNA and ctDNA extraction service for blood and urine samples provided by researchers with a TAT of one week or less.

IRVINE, Calif. , March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — nRichDX® Inc. Announces the Launch of its Revolutionary Sample Preparation Service, for the Extraction of cDNA and cDNA from 1mL to 20mL Plasma or Urine Samples provided by researchers.

The service is intended for researchers who want to maximize the recovery and yield of cfDNA and ctDNA from plasma or urine samples, but who may not yet need to purchase the preparation system. Revolution samples.

“nRichDX’s new service makes it quick and easy for more researchers to see what more cfDNA and ctDNA means for their research,” said William CurtisnRichDX CEO.

Researchers using the service complete a short intake form on the nRichDX website and then submit their samples to nRichDX. The cfDNA is quickly extracted by expert technicians using nRichDX’s Revolution sample preparation system. The cfDNA is eluted in the requested volume and rushed back to the researcher.

The turnaround time is usually one week. Highly pure cfDNA is immediately ready for downstream analysis, such as ddPCR and NGS.

The price per sample for plasma or urine samples less than or equal to 10 ml is $99; samples larger than 10 ml are $119.

nRichDX continues to sell the Revolution sample prep system and kits and semi-automated workflow powered by Eppendorf® to its customers.

To use the sample preparation service or for any questions, please visit,

E-mail [email protected]or call 833.nRichDX.

The Revolution sample preparation service is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

About nRichDx:
nRichDX® is an emerging leader in liquid-based assay sample preparation solutions that allow customers to extract significantly more analysis-ready targets than existing methods. The company’s patented Revolution Sample Prep™ system is the first and only high throughput IVD-labeled liquid biopsy sample preparation platform that can handle a wide range of input sample volumes from 1mL to 20ml in a single magnetic bead-based extraction, and without inefficient patterns using pooling, bead recycling, or transfer steps. nRichDX solves one of the biggest problems in precision medicine – – inaccurate or failed tests due to a lack of target material. Revolution Sample Prep dramatically improves test sensitivity and enables testing for earlier detection, monitoring, rapid treatment, and optimal patient outcomes.

Media Contact: Tom Curtis
Phone: (949) 341-1980 x6
E-mail: [email protected]


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