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When planning our content strategy for the new year, one of the things we do at Action Marketing is a thorough readership review of our existing content. This is a valuable exercise to ensure that we are providing value to our readers and not just adding to the noise.

There are a few items that stand out. Interestingly, a couple is a few years old. Here are our 10 most popular items. We hope they will be informative and inspirational for you to improve your marketing in your distribution business.

1. How to create a value proposition for your distribution business

A value proposition is not a slogan, slogan, elevator pitch or positioning statement. While these may be part of your brand message, your value proposition is much more than that.

Simply put, the value proposition is a carefully crafted marketing message that clearly communicates to your ideal customer what you sell and the value of working with you.

You want to have a succinct vision to remember and respond to quickly when asked “what do you do”, as well as an expanded and more detailed version to use in marketing materials such as brochures, presentations and, most importantly , your website.

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2. 10 Steps to a Killer Prospecting System

Getting a steady stream of new customers is essential if you’ve set high sales goals for your business. This is easier to achieve if you have a systematic method of prospecting. This not only gives you a repeatable process, but also allows you to train others when you’re ready to delegate. If you don’t, you’ll probably try random tactics here and there, and you won’t build enough momentum from your efforts.

Selling is the most important activity a business owner should focus on. If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to reach the right prospects. If you’re just starting out, you probably realize it’s not as easy as you first thought.

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3. Five Mistakes Most Distributors Make That Hold Them Back

As a business leader, you wear many hats. Even if the most important thing is to do business, it is likely that the work related to the fulfillment of orders is the task that takes the most time.

The problem is that without a reliable way to bring in business on a regular basis, there is no growth.
You might be able to maintain your current sales up to a point and stay busy, but your business has become stagnant.

Working with hundreds of small and medium business owners over the years, the last six with distributors, I’ve noticed three common mistakes most of them make that hinder business growth.

Let’s take a look at these three errors and what to do to fix them. Stop making these mistakes and you will see a big difference in your business.

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4. Google My Business: Why you need it, how to set it up and what to do with it

Google My Business is a place Google provides for businesses to create their own profile and it’s one of the most underused online tools for marketers.

Having your own business profile on Google My Business has many advantages. Importantly, it has many other benefits for local B2C businesses where proximity is a factor, as it is linked to maps and fetches results based on map location, but there are also benefits interesting for B2B distributors. , where Google doesn’t consider location and distance in the same way because shoppers will want to visit the website, not the business.

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5. Six Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Website SEO

In today’s digital world, everyone turns to Google to find what they want, including shoppers of promotional products. Ideally, you want to appear on the first page of results for the right search terms.

SEO is a long term game. While you can’t drastically change your SEO ranking overnight, these small tweaks will gradually improve your SEO ranking.

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6. Three drivers of change in the promotional products industry

Digital transformation has reshaped every industry and every aspect of our daily lives.

Although a gradual process over the years, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology, changing the way almost all industries operate almost overnight, so that they can continue to be open for business.

For some distributors, especially the more traditional ones, it can be difficult to accept that these are not temporary changes but rather a major transformation.

The basic difference between change and transformation is that change is an alteration that can be reversed, and transformation includes a series of changes over a period of time up to a point where there is no going back to that that he was before.

The transformation eventually leads to a change in behavior, and at that time, new buying and communication habits are formed.

When considering making changes to your business, it is important to consider the three main drivers of change impacting our industry.

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7. Five reasons to rebrand your distribution business

We often talk to distributors who are looking to refresh their brands to keep up with the times. Rebranding can yield great results, as long as it’s not just a cosmetic change that doesn’t address the real issues.

If your digital brand is lagging, it misrepresents your business as a whole, and you risk missing out on sales, customers, followers, and other important opportunities.

Your online brand must effectively communicate what you do, who you serve, and the value of doing business with you. If your website and social media profiles aren’t up to the task, you may be missing out on ideal new customers, repeat sales, and other important opportunities.

A brand change is not a quick and easy task. It takes an investment of time, effort, and money, so it’s important to rebrand your business for the right reasons and in the right way.

If you’re considering renaming your distribution business, here are five indicators that the time is right.

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8. How to Avoid Price Buyers and Attract Better Customers

Distributors of promotional products face stiff competition, especially from large companies selling online, which sometimes have prices so low they can’t even get close. Aside from price-driven online businesses, many distributors are willing to lower their prices in an attempt to compete.

Unfortunately, if you are a small promotion company, you have no chance of growing your business if you try to outperform these guys on price.

However, there is a whole other market that prefers to work with a boutique type distribution company. Not everyone is looking to buy the cheapest without considering all the other factors, or ordering online. This is the segment you need to focus on to grow your business, the target audience you need to identify and pursue.

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9. The Real Social Media ROI for Distributors

Many marketers tend to question the value of social media, thinking it’s too much effort for too little or no return.

ROI seems to be the default catch-all question marketers ask when it comes to social media looking to measure results on a linear approach: how much did I sell by posting on Platform X ? Unless you pay for advertising, you cannot use this formula.

Social media is about networking in your blue ocean (I’m referring to “The Blue Ocean Strategy” by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim, an excellent book on the benefits of narrowing your audience). In other words, to get the right people to know you, like you, and trust you.

Prospects and customers today are active in many places across many channels, both online and offline, hence the need to be visible across all of these channels. As you’ve heard before, you need to meet your prospects where they are.

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10. Misconceptions about marketing prevent you from growing your promotional business

Internet having reached a stage of maturity, it is necessary that the distributors have an online presence to be part. In fact, companies that invest in building their brand’s online presence in a structured and consistent way are proven to experience sustained growth.

However, smaller distributors have big misconceptions about digital marketing for their business, as seen in the frequent discussions of online marketing on Facebook groups and other forums.

Because misconceptions do everyone a disservice. I cover the most common ones that seem to show up over and over again, so you can make any necessary changes.

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