Playing value: Carlos Basham at 44 or Cameron Sample at 138 for Cowboys in 2021 draft


One of the biggest things about the NFL Draft is the value that comes into play. Whether it’s positional value or round value, winning the NFL Draft comes from adding value to your selections.

The Cowboys are probably discussing this now in their pre-draft meetings and figuring out what positions and / or players they might take earlier than others because of the value that might be there later in the draft. One of the more interesting conversations is about what the Cowboys will do with the 44th pick overall.

A name often mentioned here recently is Wake forest EDGE Carlos “Boogie” Basham. While Basham is an interesting contender for the 44th overall pick, there is a similar player, who I like at a similar level, who could be picked up later in the draft. Which would you prefer?

Carlos Basham 44th overall or Cameron Sample 138th overall?

Basham, a four-year-old Wake Forest player, enters the NFL Draft as one of the nation’s most productive EDGEs. Basham recorded 19.5 sacks, 35.5 loss tackles and 173 tackles. He is listed at 6’3 ”, 274 lbs and also posted some impressive numbers on his Pro Day this offseason. Here’s what his test numbers looked like:

  • 32 arm 7/8 “(34th percentile)
  • 34 “vertical (61st percentile)
  • 122 “wide jump (82nd percentile)
  • 20 bench reps (30th percentile)
  • 4.64 40 times (81st percentile)
  • 4.25 short shuttle (84th percentile)
  • 7.13 3-cone (60th percentile)

Looking at Basham’s strip, it’s easy to see what he’s good at – being one of the most explosive athletes on the pitch for a 6’3 “, 274 lb defensive end. He also has the ability to pull himself up. rush from within, and that’s where he could make the most money early in his career. For Basham, he’s a guy you should definitely take with the 44th pick overall, and that’s is if it gets there.

But what if you could achieve a similar playing style a few rounds later without a massive drop in talent?

Photo by John Rivera / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This is where Tulane EDGE / DL Cameron Sample comes in. A name that is not talked about enough.

Like Basham, Sample is a larger sized EDGE that also has the ability to shrink the interior during obvious transmissions. Sample is an explosive high-effort passer, who also has high-quality run defense reps off the EDGE for Tulane. Let’s also compare Sample’s Pro Day metrics:

  • 6’3 “267-lbs
  • 33 1/8 “arm (49th percentile)
  • 37 “vertical (87th percentile)
  • 116 “wide jump (46th percentile)
  • 23 bench reps (56th percentile)
  • 4.79 40 times (42nd percentile)
  • 4.48 short shuttle (31st percentile)
  • 7.39 3-cone (26th percentile)

As the numbers suggest, Basham is the most flexible athlete with more flex ability off the EDGE with a bit more agility, but when you dive into Sample’s strip you can argue that it plays with more agility than its short shuttle would. to suggest. Another intriguing thing about Sample is that he actually ended up with a higher “high quality productivity” rating, which is a metric I use when scoring to determine how much. Measure a player’s output was considered high quality (good rushing moves versus unlocking bags / LTF, etc.).

Which would you prefer? And which guy do you think is most valuable with where they would be drafted?

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