Quick tip: switch between mobile and desktop views on Blogspot


The blogging hosting platform Blogger, owned by Google, hosts many official Google corporate blogs and even more third-party blogs operated by businesses and individuals on the blogspot.com domain.

While it might not sound like it, Google continues to update the platform to improve its capabilities. Blogging is certainly not the primary focus of business operations, but it is a product widely used by the business.

When you open a blog hosted on Blogger, it can be opened in standard or mobile view. All blogspot blogs are optimized for mobile use and if the client connecting to the blog is detected as mobile, the mobile version is loaded automatically.

If you’re a webmaster, SEO or internet marketing, you know that Google recently launched a search algorithm upgrade that improves the visibility of mobile-optimized content in the company’s search engine.

Anyway, if you check the url of the address while logged in to the mobile version of a page, you will notice that it is controlled by a url parameter.

The URL of the most recent article on the official Gmail blog, for example on the availability of Google Inbox for all users, looks like this in the mobile optimized version: http://gmailblog.blogspot.de / 2015/05 / thanks-to-you -inbox-by-gmail-is-now.html? M = 1

As you can see, the only parameter available is m = 1 which forces the server to provide the mobile version of this page.

To load the desktop version instead, just remove? M = 1 from the url to do so. You can also switch from the desktop version of a blog post on Blogspot to the mobile version by adding the parameter. If it’s a page, just add? M = 1 to the url and reload the page to do it. On the homepage, you need to make sure that the parameter is added after a trailing slash, for example http://gmailblog.blogspot.de/?m=1

The setting is honored on all pages of the site. When you switch to another page, it is also loaded in the mobile version if you added the parameter m = 1. Since the options to switch from mobile to desktop version or vice versa are not displayed on Blogspot, using the setting is the only option you have to make this change.

But why would you want to switch between the mobile version and the desktop version of a site? It might make sense that the site detected your device type incorrectly. Maybe you have the desktop version on a mobile device or vice versa. Or, maybe you prefer the mobile version as it does away with the sidebar and other distractions so you can fully focus on the content. Finally, you might find the mobile version more appealing than the standard version on Blogspot.


Quick tip: switch between mobile and desktop views on Blogspot

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Quick tip: switch between mobile and desktop views on Blogspot

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Find out how to switch between mobile view and desktop view on Blogspot using a simple URL parameter.


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