SAMPLE CRUZ…Santa Cruz Singer Calls Metal Sludge “Hair Metal TMZ” Says “I Would Suggest Not Writing About Something You Don’t Know Jacksh!t” – Metal Sludge

Archie Cruz of Santa Cruz

Metal sludge — After last week’s show at theWhiskey-A-Go-Goin Hollywood, the group santa cruz have under the fire of the fanspeers and the reviews even for their flagrant misuse of pre-recorded tracks.

The band’s botched gig was certainly a hot topic and has since been covered by Eddie Trunk, Blabbermouth and Sleazeroxx among other musical outlets.

All the coverage focused on the band live failure in performance with their backing tracks or what looks like some form of samples.

Metal sludge also reported on the show with our article ‘SILLY VANILLI…Santa Cruz Performs With Pre-Recorded Lead Vocals At “Whisky-A-Go-Go,” Singer Archie Cruz Says Botched Show Was For Publicity.’

Now, with all the bad publicity, there’s usually a backlash from the band itself, and there has been a few.

On April 12, the group’s founder and vocalist Archie Cruz posted a new video message.

It seems that Cross opposed criticism from the start and lambasted both Trunk and Blabbermouth publicly, even with the use of some level of threats and insults.

Now it seems like Metal sludge also came under fire from Cross.

The band’s only original member took a handful of snaps from the internet via the band’s official website. instagram.

“Yeah man, I’m not sure you know what pre-recorded live vocals are, since you probably played your last gig in ’88 or something, and the only thing you’ve accomplished since is conducting this little Hair Metal TMZ of yours, but I would suggest not writing about something you know nothing about. wrote Cross about our Metal sludge article.

The comment above was added to an IG share of our Metal Sludge article.

Cross ends its publication with: “PS, damn TUFF, that’s crap, bro.”

Now a full week after the infamous live broadcast on sunset band, the singer now seems to be backtracking and trying to do some limit the damage as well.

Cross has now publicly apologized to Trunk writing: “Check out my last post. Also, I’d like to publicly apologize to @eddietrunk.

While I don’t think he was right about what he did, calling him names was NOT the decision and not the way one should behave.

Trunk accepted his apology and it was shared in a recent Blabbermouth article which also includes a new video message as seen below via the group official Instagram.

In the video Cross demonstrates her ability to sing the lead vocals of their new song while playing guitar.

Cross then shares a playback, from his computer, that appears to be playing what the singer called an “up octave and a down octave” of the lead vocal, which he would then sing along with those “layers” during their live set .

“Obviously there was a lot of backlash after our show at ‘Whisky last Wednesday’ said Cruz.

We have backing tracks… but we’re just adding a few layers… we just happen to f#@k the timing” added Cruz.

The singer then demonstrates his ability to sing live, singing part of the first verse of their new song “Under The Gun”.

On the one hand it seems Cross tries to explain himself, but strangely ends his video message by telling viewers to “Calm down and close the F#@k!

Watch the full video below from Cross of the group official instagram.

santa cruz is currently promoting their new single “Under The Gun” from their upcoming 5th studio album titled “Return of the Kings” due in the fall.

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