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Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies. When I was a teenager, I used to go to the bookstore and imagine my name on the back of one of the best-selling books featured at the front of the store. Although writing a book seemed like an overwhelming task, I knew it would become one of my life and career goals to create a literary work that contribute to my personal legacy.

My literary journey started with blogs and articles. Early in my career, I treated it as a hobby. Today I find inspiration in strange places or conversations with friends and family. My mission is raise awareness of the issue of gender inequality at C level professions. I have to say the last four years of my life have been a whirlwind to travel, consult and speak to elite organizations around the world on various issues surrounding gender inclusion. I was in shock when I was called to give my first TED Talk and several others, just by writing.

Although there are a ton of articles, books, and videos that teach you “how to get paid to speak”, I have read many of them myself, my own experience has been very different. The days of sending pitches and publicity stunts have not worked well for my business model. Instead, my passion for writing has been my gateway to the stage. One of the most overlooked parts of getting reserved and paid for your message is within your ability to commemorate your expertise in blogs, articles, editorials and contributions for leading platforms.

I had published thousands of articles until I found a system that created value. Here are seven ways to be reserved to speak and increase your credibility as an expert.

1. Write often. Credible sources should consult several professional ranges of your expertise in your own authentic professional voice. Showcase a wide range of your work in a cohesive manner.

2. Be sure to solve a problem in your writing. You have to prove that you are a expert in your field with a unique solution to his problems. Create some “how-to” pieces of content that demonstrate your simple solutions. Readers need simplicity to keep their attention.

3. Provide a short biography in each article posting. Many writers are so passionate about writing that they forget to add a short professional biography, which allows the reader to authenticate the author. CReat a call to action, as well. Keep it sweet and simple. It also allows meeting planners to start collecting research about you.

4. Market your articles and blogs. A crucial error speakers and authors pretend that someone will “find” their work without feed it at the market. Unlike mass marketing, feeding your market articles and blogs require you to pass on your finished work meeting planners and professional organizations where you would like to be featured as a speaker – not just to your support base. Remember that the market is flooded and you must ensure that others subscribe to your message.

5. Become a contributor on high profile platforms. Publish your content to your personal blog is wonderful, but well paid speakers are expected to be contributors and content writers for larger platforms. Connect with other well-known contributors to learn how the platforms work for their communication business as well. Remember that reputable platforms matter.

6. Create a theme for your content. All of my content features the title of my movement, The Confidence Factor for Women. It provides consistency for meeting planners who may be looking for a presentation on trust, women, gender, or leadership. Create a theme you will be known for, not just random content to gain popularity.

7. Become a resource for other writers. There is power in being quoted by other great writers and thought leaders that can lead to lucrative speaking opportunities due to honorable mention. These stories will captivate an audience by giving them insight into how your expertise and experience shapes other leaders.

With the immediacy of streaming content, many speakers are lost in the market of creating value for live audiences on high-profile stages. However, there is an untapped market that many writers, bloggers, and enthusiasts can tap into to gain notoriety from executive meeting planners, businesses, and organizations who may want to book a speaker with your background. Never underestimate the power of memorizing your message in writing.

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