Shenika ‘Nika Luxé’ Curtis Launches New Website, Reiterates Commitment To Bringing Best Of Creative Services To Brands


Nika Luxe is thrilled to announce the launch of its website, which demonstrates its continued desire to provide creative and innovative services to brands and individuals across the United States.

The entertainment industry is changing rapidly and becoming saturated with many talent. To stay relevant in these times of change, we need to adopt innovative visibility strategies, and this is what Nika Luxe intends to do in early 2022. The Caribbean-American beauty is delighted to announce the launch of its new website , which she says will help her attract brands and individuals who would need her services.

Over the years, Nika Luxe has approached projects with intense creativity and innovation. Little surprise, she continues to be frequented by customers. Nika is an exceptional person and her services cover various aspects of the entertainment industry as she offers voice over, brand ambassador, actor and product review services. By launching its new website,, Nika shares its commitment to deliver these services to a higher level of excellence.

“I grew up as a woman, Muslimah, content creator and artist,” said Nika Luxe. “I want to share my talent with the world, hone my craft as a vocal talent and brand ambassador, and create content for my YouTube channel. I focus on true crime stories, ASMR, meditative storytelling and storytelling hours through voice acting, audiobooks, my podcast, blog posts, on air, on radio, in as a host, advertisements or multimedia. I am a fierce, outspoken, off the beaten track thinker and a born leader. “

Nika’s new website is beautifully designed and offers a very intuitive interface. Visitors can read her full bio and all the projects she has been involved in and is currently working on. The website also features a breakdown of all of the services that Nika offers and a trailer that features a short, engaging video showcasing Nika’s website.

Additionally, the new website contains contact details for Nika, including her social media and a form to request a quote for her services. Additionally, accepts credit cards and debit cards through PayPal as donations and payment for its services. Nika understands that communication is everything and the website is an amazing window to help her.

Connect with Shenika “Nika Luxé” Curtis via Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. For more information, please visit or send an email to [email protected]

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