Shenseea Slams Website for Spreading Lies: ‘Disrespectful and False’


The site even wrote an article with fake quotes from the singer and she claims they are responsible for the fake pregnancy rumors that have gone viral.

Last month, Shenseea told us during our Ladies First interview that she generally embraces negative comments, but when it comes to false reporting, the Jamaican singer is fed up. As she transitions from the world of Dancehall to the mainstream of Pop, Shenseea finds her name attached to rumors. It’s nothing that thousands of other celebrities or famous people aren’t used to, but there is one particular outlet that Shenseea believes is responsible for spreading untruths about her.

On her Instagram story, Shenseea uploaded her own tweet where she called 18 karat reggae for writing an article titled “Shenseea Hospitalized After Gassing Around New Rapper Boyfriend”. She wrote: “I just want to let you know that this is the site that has been spouting nonstop lies about me for views. 18k reggae is so disrespectful and fake. EVERYTHING about it is a lie, literally lol.”

The site is obviously a satire, but people have gone viral with their false reports. In the mentioned article, they even included a fake interview with Shenseea and she shared screenshots.

“Using my name for clicks,” she said. “Spread the worst lies. I pray [praying hands emoji] you are going to hell lol. By the way, this is also the site that started this pregnancy rumor about me. One thing with me, I’m not afraid to tackle shit but I won’t stop throwing rocks at every barking dog. If you haven’t heard that shit from me, it’s not believable. Sites and blogs lying here for highlights. Be smart.”

After The shadow room reposted her posts, Shenseea jumped into the comments to add that she only felt it necessary for the website because they allegedly “started a very serious rumor.” Check it out below.


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