Small loan despite bad credit bureau

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A small loan is requested and accessed thousands of times every day in Germany. It is a popular way to quickly implement a wish or to close a financial gap that has opened up over time. The banks and savings banks are happy to grant small loans whenever the prospect has a good credit rating.

Then the loan is usually available within a few hours and can be used freely. However, if a small loan is sought despite poor credit, the ease of borrowing quickly disappears. Because then the banks classify the borrower completely differently and are suddenly no longer of the opinion that the borrower should be supported financially.

The co-applicant

The co-applicant

It is therefore necessary to improve the personal conditions before applying for the small loan, despite the poor Credit Bureau, to the extent that a loan is possible again. If you can get Credit Bureau under control again by removing the negative entries, this is probably the best and easiest solution. Because then the loan can be taken up again independently and you have the free choice between many loan offers from a wide variety of banks and savings banks.

However, if you cannot solve the problem with Credit Bureau yourself, you will have to work with a co-applicant who, with his good Credit Bureau, can make the small loan possible despite bad Credit Bureau. In addition to the good Credit Bureau, the co-applicant must also have a good income, since he will appear as the main borrower and must therefore meet all the requirements of the banking houses. If this is also not possible, only the loan from abroad remains.

Liechtenstein helps

Liechtenstein helps

The Cream bank is then the last option for a small loan despite bad Credit Bureau, the bank from the Principality of Liechtenstein has specialized in loans for people with a negative Credit Bureau. It offers small loans with 5,000 or 3,500 USD. The loans can be requested directly from the bank and do not require a credit intermediary. That doesn’t make the loan unnecessarily expensive. To be able to benefit from such a loan, all you have to do is have a permanent job, from which you get a fixed and relatively high income. The Credit Bureau is neither queried nor is the credit entered in the Credit Bureau. But you pay an interest rate around 11%. The repayment is made in fixed installments and over a period of 40 months.

If you can get used to the conditions, you will find an excellent small loan in spite of bad Credit Bureau in the loan from Liechtenstein. He is fair and very serious. However, if you do not want it and cannot use the other options, you will not be able to find a suitable loan. Because all other offers that intermediaries like to make are usually not real or so expensive that they are not worthwhile. In addition, you have to pay in advance without knowing whether the loan can ultimately be put into practice. So it can happen that you end up losing money without getting any. And this should be avoided.

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