Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Recap – Articles May 2-8, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

Court denies Brittany Higgins’ request to stop sexual assault trial

The defendant’s request to permanently stay the proceedings due to adverse publicity was dismissed.

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‘A shortage of teachers’: This is why NSW educators go on strike on Wednesday

“[U]“Competitive salaries and unsustainable workloads” lead to staff shortages and impact the quality of education.

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Chris Dawson will be tried by judge alone for the alleged murder of his wife

The former rugby league player is due to stand trial before a judge alone in Sydney next month.

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NSW Youth Koori Court keeps First Nations youth out of jail, reports say

Those who appear in court are less likely to reoffend.

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When can the police shoot to kill?

The shooting of an Indigenous youth holding a spear has raised questions about when police are allowed to use deadly force.

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Growing discontent within the government gives rise to hope for freedoms forged

A growing number of Australians are turning to smaller parties and independents to bring back our freedoms and legal guarantees.

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Protecting the Pristine Takayna/Tarkine: An Interview with Scott Jordan of the Bob Brown Foundation

A Chinese state-run mining company is trying to dump toxic waste in Australia’s largest temperate rainforest.

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‘We have a conservative anti-protest consensus in politics,’ says Anastasia of Legal Observers NSW

New anti-protest laws allow authorities to silence protests as they see fit.

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NSW regional health crisis: emergency rooms without doctors, cooks tending to patients, systemic misdiagnoses and critical errors

The final report of a parliamentary inquiry delivered a scathing assessment of regional health in New South Wales.

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The war against the First Nations is not over, it has just become more subtle

Many Australians say[t]it was 200 years ago. It’s not my fault,” while commemorating intergenerational events like Anzac Day and ignoring that the oppression of First Nations people continues to this day.

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Rights-based NGO assesses political parties on trade justice

The report from Australia’s leading international trade watchdog informs those who value fairer trade.

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Disturbing new crime trend is going viral on social media

Young people desperate for glory are said to have uploaded their crimes to TikTok.

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Cop sent to jail for fatal collision

An officer whose speeding resulted in an accident that killed a pedestrian and left his wife with permanent injuries has been sent to jail.

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The link between the rise of authoritarianism and the protection of big business

One of the main purposes of laws that criminalize dissent is to protect big business and inefficient governments.

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