Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles February 21-27, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

Is not disclosing HIV status before sex a criminal offence?

A Sydney man who failed to tell his sex partner he had HIV has been found not guilty.

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Courts Must Consider Social Disadvantage When Sentencing

The private and abusive history of an accused must be taken into account during the sentencing process.

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Police ordered to pay court costs for failing to present a witness in court

The taxpayers will foot the bill for the prosecution’s failure to ensure its star witness shows up in court.

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Go Fiona! Patten legislates for the decriminalization of drugs in Victoria

The champion of reason campaigns for the decriminalization of drug possession in her country of origin.

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Thorpe Condemns Torture Treaty Delay for Harming First Nations and Elders

The Prime Minister has broken his promise to comply with laws requiring independent inspections of detention centres.

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Join the Radical Counter Mardi Gras: An Interview with Wei Thai-Haynes of Pride in Protests

The now over-commercialized event must return to its radical roots and fight the government’s relentless attack on LGBTIQ rights.

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Roadside drug testing aims to punish illicit users, not save lives

Roadside drug tests punish those who have trace amounts of residual drugs in their system, rather than just levels that impair driving.

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Death in custody questions mount as Dunghutti teenager dies after collision with police

Questions remain after an Indigenous teenager on a bicycle died when he was hit by a police vehicle.

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Victoria decriminalizes sex work: a victory for workers

Victoria has become the third Australian jurisdiction to decriminalize sex work.

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Sexual consent education will be introduced in Australian schools

Teens will be informed about the rules surrounding sexual offences, including upcoming laws that require “affirmative consent.”

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Police found guilty of depriving George Floyd of his rights

Three officers were found guilty of failing to intervene or rescue the dying man.

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Multiple National Security Bills Ease Dutton’s ASD National Target’s Wet Dream

Recent years have seen a dramatic shift from countering foreign threats to targeting, silencing and controlling Australian citizens.

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