Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles March 7-13, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

Child pornography offenses in New South Wales

More than 100 Australians have been charged with substantive child abuse offenses in a global investigation.

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Gun conviction overturned as possible DNA transfer raised doubts

The appeals court concluded that the police officer may have been responsible for the presence of the accused’s DNA on the unauthorized firearm.

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High Court to determine constitutionality of WA high risk offender laws

The nation’s highest court will determine the validity of laws that extend prison sentences “for an indefinite period.”

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Government seeks to undermine High Court ruling that First Nations people cannot be deported

The Morrison government wants First Nations people to have no say in who counts as native, so it can circumvent a High Court ruling preventing deportation.

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Palestinian racial complaint filed against the government: interview with Birchgrove Legal and Nasser Mashni

The complaint claims that the Australian government’s support for Israel’s discriminatory regime is impacting Palestinians here.

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Prioritizing social wealth over business: an interview with the Socialist Alliance of New South Wales candidates

Forty years of government failures have led many to seek alternative leadership.

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Rain bombs, megafires, drought: Morrison guarantees the worst to come

The major parties’ heavy reliance on the fossil fuel industry means real change is unlikely anytime soon.

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The targeted persecution of transgender people by the Morrison government

Our Prime Minister has become increasingly brazen in his persecution of transgender people.

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First Nations point-blank shooting: Killer Cop is free

The officer was found not guilty of murder despite firing two shots directly into the First Nations teenager’s chest.

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The Minister of Health shakes up the allocation of funds for frontline services

None of the $80 million Federal Government grant for the NSW Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Service has been allocated to the latter.

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New police commissioner under fire for snubbing rescue workers

Commissioner Karen Webb has come under fire for attending a luxury reception instead of joining rescue workers across flood-ravaged New South Wales.

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